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4 Natural Sources For Glucosamine – And Why Your Dog Needs It

| Published on July 14, 2017

You may have heard of glucosamine, especially if you have an older dog. Perhaps you’ve seen the word written in bold on supplement bottles and special kibble formulas. But what is this compound, and what can it do for your pooch? And where can you find the best glucosamine product for your dog?

Glucosamine actually refers to the combination of glucose and glutamine, a simple sugar and an amino acid respectively, and it helps build cartilage and tissue in your pet’s joints. That’s why glucosamine-enhanced products are often marketed toward senior dogs who may need extra support to avoid getting too stiff and achey as they age.

But while promises of a glucosamine-rich diet may be plastered all over the packages of big-name pet food brands, the sad truth is, most of these labels are very misleading. You see, these kibbles may be enriched with glucosamine, but often the concentration is so low, you’d need to feed your dog dozens of cups of food – per day – for her joints to benefit! Of course, no caring pet parent would do that.

So what’s the alternative? You can incorporate cartilage-heavy foods into Fido’s diet, or you can give him a supplement to support joint health. Wondering what specific sources naturally contain glucosamine? Here are some major ones:

1. Shellfish shells (lobster, shrimp, crab)

2. Beef trachea

3. Chicken feet

4. Pork tails

As mentioned above, glucosamine is present in foods that contain a lot of cartilage, and obviously, this may be tricky for busy pet parents to keep on hand! If you don’t have any spare lobster shells or chicken feet lying around, don’t worry; a tasty, high-quality supplement will do just fine.

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The fact is, almost all dogs could benefit from a boost of this essential compound, especially those that are prone to joint issues. That’s why iHeartDogs developed glucosamine-rich chews and bone broth in order to offer pet parents a healthy and convenient way to supplement their dog’s diets. Joint issues are some of the most common ailments that afflict canines, but with some awareness and precaution, we can help our most loyal companions live as comfortably as possible!

The best part is, as you’re helping your own dog, you’re also helping shelter pets live healthier lives. The purchase of each of these products helps fund healthy meals for pups who are waiting for their forever homes.


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