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Grieving Pet Parents Start Group To Provide Support Before, During, And After Pet Loss

In February of 2012, Kathryn Jennings and her family were becoming overwhelmed by the stress of managing the chronic or terminal health conditions of their 3 Miniature Schnauzers: Pookie Poo, Hallie Boo, and Sallie Lou. Kathryn knew her family needed emotional support during this trying time as they continued to make difficult decisions regarding their beloved pets’ care and found that nothing appropriate existed. Kathryn decided she needed to create a place where families like hers could get the support they … Read more

Woman Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Dying Dog On Twitter

When 21-year-old Amy Thompson found out her family’s beloved Golden Retriever, Archie, was losing his life to cancer, she started posting a touching tribute to him on her Twitter feed. Soon, people around the world were tuning in to see Thompson’s love for Archie and to give her their condolences. Over the course of several days, Thompson posted 19 tweets in a thread about Archie.     Hello everyone my dog has cancer and doesn’t have very long left so … Read more

Dog Mom Hopes Her Personal Heartbreak Will Raise Awareness About Groomer Safety

Jayme Buck dropped her 3 Shih Tzus, Brewsky, Guinness and Tashi off to be groomed on September 27, 2016 just as she had on dozens of other mornings. Less than 2 hours later she received a call telling her to get back to the office right away. She was told “the little brown one” had collapsed and they could not resuscitate him. Jayme rushed to the grooming salon in a panic. She had no idea which of her 3 dogs … Read more

Heartbreaking Photo Captures A Boy’s Tender Final Moments With His Dog

Children often learn about death through the loss of their first pet. Professional photographer, Marvi Lacar captured this stunning image of her son, Mateo saying his final goodbyes to the dog he’s known since birth. The photo shows Mateo clutching a tissue and tenderly pressing his head against the dog’s face in a private moment of grief and loss – the first the 7-year-old has ever had to endure. Mateo and Wheat’s Final Goodbye | 10/26/2016 It has been a … Read more

Ask A Vet: Can Dogs Feel Grief?

If you have experienced a loss of a family member or pet and felt grief, you may feel that your dog felt grief too. Many dog lovers can describe behaviors that seem grief-associated in their companions. Emotions are very difficult to quantify (even for people who can communicate what they feel). We know that grief itself is a multifaceted emotion for people and psychologists have long described these feelings in terms of stages of grief. In short, grief is a … Read more

Some Companies Allow Pet Bereavement Time To Employees…Should It Be Mandatory?

We know that there are lots of local and international companies that allow pets in the workplace. Many of us dog and cat owners consider our companions members of the family, oftentimes honoring them with graves and memorials, like we do when we lose the people we love. It only seems natural for employees to be given bereavement days when these deeply loved pets are lost. This benefit isn’t standard, but it’s starting to gain traction. Although pet bereavement days aren’t mandatory by law, many big companies–pet-friendly and … Read more