Former Romanian Street Dog Avoided Death, Wins Scruffts Award

The annual Scruffts crossbred competition has ended, and it’s official: a former Romanian street dog named Clooney is one of two Most Handsome Crossbred Dogs of 2020! This gorgeous boy had quite a journey from homeless mutt to iconic mixed breed champion. Sirius Animal Rescue in Romania first took the dog in off the streets. Locals had plans to poison him since many feared a mangy black street dog wandering near the school posed risk to their children. Sirius Animal … Read more

8 Reasons ‘Mixed’ is the Top ‘Breed’


We recently shared a list of the Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds in the country. What breed sits in the top spot? The Mixed Breed! America is often called a melting pot, as people from all over the world come here and we blend together. Greater than the sum of our individual parts, we are all American. It is no surprise, then, that more than ever we are adopting dogs that are a combination of this, that, and the … Read more

These Are The Top 20 Most Popular Dog Breeds Of 2019

They say you’re not supposed to pick favorites but when it comes to dog breeds, we all do it! Some of us like them big and slobbery. Others prefer pint-sized and portable. Those of us with loads of space might prefer a working or sporting breed while city dwellers may want a medium sized active dog that can keep up with fast moving feet. We all have our reasons for favoring one type of dog over another, even though we’ve … Read more

Calling All Drivers! Meatball Has Waited 3 Years To Be Your Furry Co-Pilot

Post Updated 7/23/19: Although Meatball has been waiting three years for a forever home, he is one of the lucky ones. After finding himself in a California kill shelter, he was pulled by a small rescue organization. When they closed, Tails and Scales Animal Rescue stepped in and placed him in a loving foster home to await adoption. Recently, it seemed as if his perfect family had finally been found. Even though they live 780 miles away, Meaty’s foster mom … Read more

Your Input Could Help Scientists Bust Breed Stereotypes

A now-famous 2012 study conducted by the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida demonstrated just how inaccurate the average human – and most canine experts – are at identifying a dog’s breed mix by sight alone. Now, a team of scientists from Darwin’s Dogs is searching for volunteers to help further their research on the same subject. They hope to gain insight into how superficial perceptions affect our lives with dogs.  Darwin’s Dogs is a project … Read more

DNA Test Reunites Littermates Displaced By Hurricane Harvey

DNA testing is all the rage these days. With a simple cheek swab, curious humans can learn all about their own cultural heritage or unlock their beloved mutt’s unique blend of breeds. When two families living nearly 1,000 miles apart submitted DNA tests to Embark Veterinary, they expected to learn the genetic makeup of the rescue pups they adopted in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They had no idea they would discover their dogs’ long-lost littermate in the process! Ollie was … Read more

When It Comes To Health, Mixed And Purebred Dogs Aren’t Always The Same

Whether you choose a purebred dog or a mix, there are always potential health concerns. Many people contend that purebreds are more likely to have serious health problems due to their higher risk for certain genetic conditions. Others argue that mixed breed dogs often come from unknown backgrounds where they may be exposed to an array of viruses, parasites, etc. There are a few ways you can acquire a new furry friend: select a breeder or rescue group that specializes … Read more

Shelter Puppy With Unusually Large Head Sparks DNA Debate

When a litter of four stray puppies arrived at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV) in June, the staff instantly noticed that one of the pups was not like the others. While his three littermates bore the characteristics of mini Border Collie mixes, the pooch they named “Bighead” had short, chubby legs like a Basset Hound – and, you guessed it, a very big head! Lauren Gallagher works in the HSSV finance department and has fostered countless dogs for … Read more

More Shelters Are Removing Breed Labels So Adopters Can Choose With Their Hearts

There’s no such thing as second chances when it comes to first impressions. That’s why it’s vital for shelter dogs to put their best paw forward each time they meet a potential adopter. The latest research has proven that using breed labels hinders a dog’s ability to showcase her true self, and leaves an indelible black mark in the minds of prospective owners. Chloe is hoping for a Home for the Holidays. This girl is fantastic with people and has … Read more

UPDATE: Deformed Dog Nobody Wanted Now Has Fans Lining Up To Adopt Him

UPDATE 3/29/17: Remember Picasso? The impossibly adorable pup born with the unique facial deformity? Thanks to donations from his fans and dear friends at Luvable Dog Rescue, he has undergone successful dental surgery to alleviate discomfort in his lower jaw from his upper teeth digging into the gums. Don’t worry, they have no intention of changing Picasso’s “signature look”, the surgery was just to help him live pain-free! Once he has fully recovered, Picasso and his brother, Pablo can be … Read more

Matted Stray Underdog Becomes Westminster Wonder Dog

Buster – a mixed-breed former stray – is certainly no show-circuit pedigree, but come this weekend’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, he will compete alongside the country’s finest purebreds. Scrawny, matted and wild when he was rescued by New Jersey’s Animal Alliance, Buster has trained his way into a lean, mean agility course machine! He was once a Philadelphia street dog with hair so long and matted that he couldn’t even open his mouth to eat. When he was first … Read more