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7 Secrets That Help Minimize Dog Dander

Whether you have a family member who is allergic to your dog or you just like a really clean home, dog dander can be a big problem. What can you do to help reduce your dog’s dander to help keep your home clean and allergen free? Luckily, we have some solutions. Here are 7 secrets that help minimize dog dander. #1 – Brush your dog regularly Brushing your dog helps loosen up dander and spread your dog’s natural oils. Brush … Read more

10 Tips For Easing Your Senior Dog’s Skin Irritation

Does your senior dog suffer from skin irritation? You would do anything to help him feel better, but maybe you’re at a loss as to what you should try next. Obviously, any chronic problems should be addressed with your vet, but if you’re looking for some more natural remedies to help your dog feel better, one or more of the following things may help. Some of these are external applications and some will help the problem from the inside out, … Read more

10 Common Skin Issues In Dogs

Does your dog seem to be itching more than usual lately? Maybe he has irritated areas on his skin or bald patches. Unfortunately, skin issues are one of the top reasons for vet visits, and there are more than 160 skin problems that can plague dogs, so getting a proper diagnosis and treatment for your poor pup can be difficult. Some skin problems are more common than others, though; here are 10 common skin issues that can plague dogs.   … Read more

How Bone Broth Improves Dogs’ Skin And Coat

You might already know that bone broth is the latest superfood sweeping the nation for people. But did you know that bone broth is great for dogs, too? Not only is it a tasty treat that they’ll love, but it actually has many beneficial nutrients. Here are some of the nutrients found in bone broth that may help improve your dog’s skin and coat. Collagen You’ve probably heard that many face creams include collagen, but did you know that you … Read more

6 Solutions For Your Dog’s Dry Coat & Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the very first sign of health you see when you look at a dog. Pups with shiny, lustrous coats just give off an air of wellness compared to those with dull, flaky, brittle hair and skin. Not only is dry skin unsightly, it’s also itchy and uncomfortable for your dog. Although soothing baths can help, healthy skin really starts from within with proper vitamins and nutrition. If you find yourself … Read more

6 Natural Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Coat & Reduce Shedding

We love how dogs come in so many different shapes and sizes. There are short and long-haired pups, some with curls, and some that shed so much, you could spin it into yarn and knit a sweater! But despite all the different types of canine coats, one thing is for sure: soft, shiny fur is the picture of health, plus it’s extra tempting to touch! Luckily, it’s easy to keep your pup’s fur in tip-top shape. Here are 6 natural ways to … Read more