5 Ways To Calm Your Hyperactive Dog

Some dogs have more energy than others, even individuals within the same breed. While active dogs are beneficial to those looking for a regular exercise partner, they are often difficult to manage in your typical household. Hyperactive dogs aren’t just limited to the working breeds, however. They come in all shapes, sizes and genetic backgrounds. In fact, where your dog came from or what kind he is really doesn’t matter – what matters is that hyperactive dogs are difficult to live with. … Read more

5 Things To Check Off Your List When Leaving Your Dog With A Sitter

As busy pet parents, we’re often traveling around and unable to take our pets along. For those times we’re leaving them behind in the care of someone we trust, it can be overwhelming making sure everything is in order and ready to go for our dogs. Do they have everything they need? Will they be comfortable? Does the pet sitter have the right information? When planning to leave your pup with a trusty friend or daycare, it’s helpful to have … Read more

3 Ways To Build Trust With A Stray Dog

Whether you’ve come across a long-time stray or a neighborhood pooch that’s escaped the yard, earning the trust of a stray dog can be tricky. The goal is to catch the dog without harming them or scaring them off completely, but we have to make sure we keep ourselves safe, as well. A scared dog can become aggressive when they are trying to defend themselves. Remember, they don’t know you’re there to help. Regardless of how you found the dog, … Read more