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Vet Helps Bald Eagle Learn to Fly Again by Building Trust

Apex predators like lions, tigers, killer whales, sharks, bears, and eagles are at the very top of the food chain. These animals are known for being the strongest and fiercest predators in the wild. They are so dangerous that nobody, including humans, would dare come close to any of them. When a bald eagle got injured, one man put aside his fears and decided to help this powerful predator. Meet Dr. Cliff Redford. He also goes by the name Dr. … Read more

What Is A Holistic Vet And Should You Schedule An Appointment?

holistic vet

As an advocate for your dog’s health and happiness, your decisions for her care will have a great impact on her life. You choose what to put in her bowl and how much she exercises, but even the best pup parent can’t do it all. It’s important to have a vet you can trust and rely on. You have a lot of options, and one of those options is to choose a holistic vet. While most veterinary offices fall under … Read more

Vet Reunites With Terrified Pup He Won Over With A Meal

Every day, veterinarians see animals in terrible conditions. Their job is difficult, but they do everything they can to help. In one vet’s case, that means emotional support too. Dr. Andy Mathis is an outstanding vet at a small animal hospital in Georgia, and he has a passion for animals that goes beyond “pet ownership.” He knows they’re more to us than that. According to his own website: “A long, healthy and happy Life. As a pet owner/parent, it’s what I … Read more

10 Signs It’s Time To Switch To A New Vet

Having a good relationship with a veterinarian is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. From annual check-ups to emergency situations, you need to know your chosen vet will give your pup the best possible care. Trust, respect, and confidence all come into play, and unfortunately, you can’t always find the ideal person with the first office you schedule appointments with. If a recent experience has you doubting whether or not you’ve found “the one,” pay attention to … Read more

10 Things You Might Be Doing That Make Your Vet Crazy

Veterinarians truly want to do what’s best for the pets in their care, but sometimes owners do things that make the otherwise rewarding career of being a vet frustrating or disheartening. You try to give your dog the best care possible while being a good person in the process, but sometimes your love for your dog may cloud your vision and cause you to say or do things that drive your veterinarian crazy. Are you guilty of doing any of … Read more

Veterinarian Warns: “Golden Retriever Egg Challenge” Could Be Dangerous

Golden Retrievers are known for their extremely gentle “mouthing” behavior. Bred to retrieve the carcasses of game birds for hunters, it became characteristic of the breed to softly cup items in their mouths rather than biting down. Recently, dog parents have been putting this trait to the test with a potentially harmful trend called the “Golden Retriever Egg Challenge”. The “challenge” involves placing a raw egg into the mouth of a Golden Retriever to see if the fragile object will … Read more

6 Dog Flu Symptoms Every Pup Parent Needs To Know

Dog flu is making its rounds across the country, and the best thing dog owners can do is be prepared. Outbreaks have already spread through Washington, California, and Colorado, but dogs in every state are at risk of coming down with the flu. K-9 influenza is extremely contagious and cases range from mild to severe. Dogs who frequently spend time at dog parks and other places where they’re around other canines are most at risk. Veterinarians recommend owners be especially … Read more

What You Should Know Before Your Dog Goes Under General Anesthesia

Everyone worries when their dog has any type of surgery, even if it’s as routine as a spay, neuter or teeth cleaning. Just like with humans, vets put our pups under general anesthesia in order to relax their muscles and prevent them from experiencing pain during the procedure. While giving dogs anesthesia is commonplace in veterinary hospitals, there are still some things that pet parents should know in order to help avoid complications. So while administering the medication should be … Read more

Parvo In Dogs – 5 Things Dog Owners Need To Know

Most pup parents, especially those who’ve adopted puppies, have heard of the dreaded Parvovirus aka Parvo in dogs ( parvo for short). Even if you don’t know much about how it spreads or what the symptoms look like, you probably know that the illness is highly contagious and can be fatal. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take, and early diagnosis may have a more promising prognosis than you previously thought. We here at iHeartDogs got in touch with … Read more