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‘Terrified’ Dachshund-Mix Was Shaking And Had Nowhere To Go, Till Angels Showed Up

Written by: Russel Moneva
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| Published on April 24, 2024

In a poignant rescue effort, Sidewalk Specials responded to a distress call concerning an unwanted dog, anticipating perhaps a challenging but manageable situation. However, what they encountered upon arrival was far more heartrending. They found Dash, a dog overwhelmed by her circumstances, exuding a deep-seated fear that was palpable. Her eyes, wide and wary, revealed the depth of her trepidation. This encounter was not just a rescue but a profound reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by animals in distress. Dash’s condition underscored the critical need for compassionate intervention.


Dash is a strikingly unique dog, a blend of Dachshund and Africanis, which gives her a distinctive look: medium in size but with the shorter legs characteristic of her Dachshund lineage. At just about one and a half years old, Dash has shown that she is incredibly gentle and affectionate with other dogs. However, she remains quite timid around cats and slowly learns to trust humans.

Her journey has been one of cautious curiosity. Dash shows no aggression whatsoever, a testament to her sweet nature. Instead, she exhibits a profound need for safety, often seeking out hidden corners where she can observe her surroundings unnoticed.


Sidewalk Specials is on a mission to find Dash a permanent home where she can thrive and feel secure. They are calling on residents of Cape Town, South Africa, and the surrounding areas to open their hearts and homes to this deserving dog. Those interested in adopting Dash are encouraged to complete an adoption application through Sidewalk Specials, initiating the process to potentially bring this gentle creature into their lives.

For individuals who find adoption not feasible but still wish to help, supporting Dash through contributions toward her veterinary care would be invaluable. These donations will aid in her ongoing needs, ensuring she receives the necessary health checks and treatments to prepare her for a new life.


The path to gaining Dash’s trust may be gradual, but the reward of her companionship will undoubtedly be immense. By providing Dash with a nurturing environment, filled with patience and love, her adopters will have the privilege of watching a once-shy dog blossom into a confident and joyful pet.

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