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That Moment When a Dog Is Rescued from Their Abuser [12 POWERFUL PICS]

These dogs are getting a second chance – and it started the moment these photos were taken. These pictures capture the incredible moment a sad story comes to an end and a better, brighter future begins.

For a dog who has had to endure a life of abuse, a rescuer is a hero, a savior, and a best friend all rolled into one.

Breaking the chains
Breaking the chains – Source

Yesterday’s sad dog chained up and laying in the dirt will have a warm blanket and fresh water tomorrow.

Thank you for rescuing me!
Thank you for rescuing me! – Source

In so many cases you can see that these dogs know that they’re being helped, and feel the relief of their rescue.

Don't worry doggy, you're in good hands.
Don’t worry doggy, you’re in good hands. – Source

No matter what their story, no matter how scared or tired or hurt, these dogs now have someone who cares for them.

You're safe now, doggy.
You’re safe now, doggy. – Source

These dogs may never have known nice hands or a friendly smile. All of that changes one they’re rescued.

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