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The 12 Best Dog Breeds For People Who Love Cats


Many cat lovers are starting to see the light when it comes to dogs and they’re looking to get their own first canine companion. Some of them want dogs that are more cat-like in personality, which is pretty understandable. For those of you looking for a more reserved dog breed, check out this list.

#1 – Shiba Inu


The Shiba Inu is the smallest of the Japanese breeds and although affectionate with its family, it is fairly reserved and shy toward strangers. They are not typically dog-like and bark very little. They are clean dogs that are even known to groom themselves like cats do.

#2 – Basenji


The Basenji is unique in that the breed very rarely, if ever, barks. They do make a yodeling sound, but they are typically quiet and attached to a single person in their family. Reserved with strangers, they are not aggressive.

#3 – Finnish Spitz


The Finnish Spitz was originally bred to hunt all types of game; from rodents to bears. Although very active and affectionate with their families, they are reserved toward strangers and not typically trusted toward other animals they might see as prey.

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#4 – Chow Chow


The Chow Chow is a very independent and aloof breed, very reserved and sometimes aggressive toward strangers. They are rather lazy dogs most often found lying around the house, which makes them suitable for apartment living. They form very strong bonds with their families.

#5 – Saluki


The Saluki is a sighthound used for hunting and racing. Typical of most sighthounds, they are fairly reserved dogs and very cat-like in overall temperament. They are gentle and affectionate toward their families, but aloof toward strangers.

#6 – Japanese Chin


The Japanese Chin is a small companion breed bred almost exclusively to be a lapdog. They are gentle and affectionate with their owners, but rather cat-like in personality and do not care for much attention from strangers.

#7 – Greyhound


The Greyhound, like other sighthounds, is sweet and sensitive toward its family but aloof toward strangers. They are gentle dogs that are rather lazy inside the house and make great apartment dwellers. They are known for being couch potatoes, despite their heritage.

#8 – Pomeranian


Pomeranians are a tiny spitz-type breed, bred to be companions. They are lively, playful and loving toward their families but can be aloof toward strangers. Too much attention from strangers and children can overwhelm them.

#9 – Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound is known as one of the most elegant breeds and is a sighthound with a typical sighthound temperament. They are cat-like; reserved with strangers and not openly social. That said, they are gentle and affectionate toward their families.

#10 – Pekingese


The Pekingese is a small companion breed from China. They are affectionate and playful with their families but reserved and generally uninterested in strangers. Like many other toy breeds, too much attention from strangers and children can make them uncomfortable.

#11 – Borzoi


The Borzoi is a large, powerful sighthound from Russia. True to their heritage, they are gentle and loving toward their families but generally have little interest in meeting strangers.

#12 – Azawakh


The Azawakh is a rare sighthound breed from Africa. Like the rest of the sighthounds, they are generally reserved toward strangers. Unlike the rest of the sighthounds, Azawakh were also used as guard dogs and can become aggressive if they feel threatened. They are deeply loyal and affectionate toward their families.

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