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15 Low Dander Dog Breeds

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on August 11, 2015

Choosing the dog breed that’s right for you, whether you’re buying a puppy from a breeder or looking to adopt at your local shelter or rescue, is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. An avid hiker doesn’t want a couch potato breed, and vice versa, and this usually ends up with more dogs in shelters. There are many things to consider when making this decision and probably one of the most common concerns is how to manage allergies and shedding when bringing a dog home. There are many breeds with minimally shedding coats and if you’re looking for a pooch with little dander, this list will help you. 

#1 – Poodle


All variations of the Poodle make a great choice for allergy suffers and the kind you get will depend on your wants and needs. Standard Poodles are very active and intelligent dogs that love running, swimming and training. Miniature and Toy Poodles are better for those looking for a smaller, lower activity indoor dog.

#2 – Bedlington Terrier


The Bedlington Terrier is known for resembling a lamb and this includes its soft, wooly coat. Despite being a terrier, Bedlingtons need minimal exercise and make great companions. That said, they do need more exercise than many of the toy breeds.

#3 – Bichon Frise


The Bichon Frise is one of the most popular dog breeds and is known for its goofy, happy-go-lucky personality. They are minimal shedders but do require regular grooming. Bichons are great family companions and enjoy getting outdoors with their families.

#4 – Chinese Crested


The Chinese Crested comes in both a hairless and coated variety, called a Powderpuff. Both have hair, the hairless much less than the Powderpuff, but shed very little and are an excellent choice for someone with allergies. They are active and intelligent dogs that enjoy spending time with their families.

#5 – Coton de Tulear


The Coton de Tulear is a small companion breed that wants little more than to spend time with its owners. They require minimal exercise, shed very little but do need regular grooming to keep their coats in adequate shape.

#6 – Irish Water Spaniel


The Irish Water Spaniel is an active, intelligent breed that’s a great choice for someone looking for a low-shedding, allergy-friendly dog that can keep up on long runs and hikes. Their coats are easy to maintain, require brushing recommended every two weeks and trimming every two months.

#7 – Kerry Blue Terrier


The Kerry Blue Terrier is an excellent choice for an active individual or family looking to spend a lot of outdoor time with a dog. They shed very little and become very attached to their owners and simply want to spend as much time with them as possible.

#8 – Maltese


The Maltese has long hair that needs regular grooming, but it carries little dander and rarely sheds. The breed is small and aptly suited for low-activity homes, but is a deeply loyal companion. Although primarily a lapdog, Maltese do enjoy daily walks and learning new tricks.

#9 – Portuguese Water Dog

Photo credit: Raymond Brow

The Portuguese Water Dog is an outstanding choice for the athlete with allergies. This medium-sized breed is very active and intelligent but also requires regular grooming. The breed sheds very little and, true to its heritage, loves water.

#10 – Schnauzer


All sizes of Schnauzer – Miniature, Standard and Giant – make excellent companions for someone with allergies. All varieties are cheerful dogs that are deeply loyal to and protective of their families. There are minor variations in temperament among the three breeds, so be sure to choose the right Schnauzer for you.

#11 – Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier


The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier is a very active, intelligent breed that’s known for its happy temperament. They have soft coats that rarely shed and make great companions for families with children.

#12 – Afghan Hound


The Afghan Hound is a sighthound with a long, flowing coat that does require strict grooming. That said, the breed is aloof but loyal, very active and affectionate toward its family.

#13 – Xoloitzcuintli


The Xoloitzcuintli comes in Toy, Miniature and Standard sizes, as well as a coated and hairless variety. All varieties are a primitive breed that are typically not recommended for a first-time owner. They are known for being calm in the house but energetic outdoors.

#14 – Lagotto Romagnolo


The Lagotto Romagnolo is known as the truffle-hunting dog from Italy, where it still serves this purpose. It has a coat similar to the Poodle, so sheds very little and is considered hypoallergenic. They are an active breed that loves water and makes a great family companion.

#15 – Spanish Water Dog


The Spanish Water Dog does best with an active family as it a faithful and hardworking dog. Their coats need no brushing and rarely shed and they can be kept trimmed or worn long. The breed excels at many dog sports and needs ample exercise to remain physically and mentally healthy.

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