Dalmatian Rescues Discarded Puppy In Woods So He Can Adopt Him

A Dalmatian named Thiago was walking ahead of his owner when he suddenly took off like a bolt of lightning. His owner, Rey, followed Thiago’s astute nose into the woods. Lying in the dirt, beneath the brush, was a skinny little puppy. Thiago’s human knew he had to act fast!


Rey leaned down to pick the puppy up but was bitten out of fright. Fortunately, that didn’t deter the rescuer one bit! He wasn’t going to leave the puppy there, all alone! He grabbed a box from his car and a small rug to protect his hands, picked the little guy up, and placed him inside his vehicle. Rey named the pup Naithan and took him home.


Even though the puppy was safe, he had a rough start. The little guy was too frightened to eat and Rey was afraid he might not survive. But thankfully, a couple of days later, Naithan came around. He ate up all of his food and slowly warmed up to his new human and his new doggy sibling!


Rey explains in the video that Naithan is actually Thiago’s puppy. It’s as if the Dalmatian adopted the pup for himself. The inseparable pair do everything together and it’s absolutely precious. You have to see the cuteness for yourself! Thanks to a keen nose, and a kind human, Naithan’s life was spared!

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