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This Boston Law Firm Is Exclusively Committed To Representing Dogs

| Published on April 29, 2016

As of last year, the Boston Dog Lawyers became the only law firm dedicated to serving 4-legged clients in a court of law. Knowing that the pets of responsible owners are members of their families, the firm is committed to representing its clients in the best way possible.

Founder Jeremy Cohen, Dog and Pet Attorney, has been practicing law for 20 years, specializing in defending pets and their owners since 2008. He decided to sell his general law practice of 7 years in 2014 so he could open Boston Dog Lawyers in 2015.  This allows him to cater to a niche clientele and focus on his passion: defending animals and their owners.

The news is riddled with stories of dog bites and attacks, and often, the case ends with the dog being euthanized. Although some animals may be truly dangerous, there are many other instances where the public doesn’t get the whole story; was the dog provoked? Abused? Defending himself? And could there be an alternative to the “euthanasia” sentence?

dog jail

These canine-loving lawyers are determined to represent their clients in the best way possible. And they don’t only deal with cases involving attacks. There are plenty of other scenarios that may require representation. On the Boston Dog Lawyers website, they offer free consultations for different kinds of situations, some of which include:

  • Is the animal control officer trying to take your dog?
  • Has your dog been unfairly labeled as a nuisance or dangerous?
  • Is a former roommate or friend claiming your dog is theirs?
  • Are you being asked for or do you need to seek Petimony?

animal control

Consider this: if “Petimony” is something that can be sought for an animal, the law’s view of “pets as property” is clearly antiquated.

According to the Boston Dog Lawyers website:

Dogs are still considered property in the world of law. This is not a modern view and it is inconsistent with true value these pets have in our lives. It is ultimately up to legislators to take up the concept and give courts the authority to change their view.

Our guarantee is that we will use the same effort and energy to win as though we were trying to protect our own dog.

“I’ve witnessed a complete disregard for constitutional rights. Often, even if a hearing is arranged, people with the loudest voices or most recognized faces may induce a local board to decide, unfairly, against the dog,” said Attorney Cohen on

dog judge

While the firm is located in Beverly, Massachusetts, Boston Dog Lawyers defend pets and their owners, nationwide.

If you’d like to learn more, visit the Boston Dog Lawyers website.


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