How This Bracelet Raised Over $120,000 To Provide Veterans with Service Dogs

BIG NEWS: We’ve raised over $120,000 to provide service dogs for US veterans!

As many of you know, iHeartDogs is a veteran owned company with a passion for supporting our troops, especially those deeply affected physically and emotionally by war. In September of 2016, we launched a new product, our Camo Paracord Bracelet. Each purchase of this bracelet provided funds to help GreaterGood provide service dogs and shelter dogs to US veterans.

Little did we know how popular it would become, and one year later we’re incredibly humbled to announce that your purchases have now funded $120,000 in donations!

Watch the video below and you’ll see just how big of an impact a service dog makes in the live of a veteran.

Shop the Pets for Vets Line

We’ve since greatly expanded our Pets for Vets product line. All of the items below are still available for purchase. 20% of the proceeds of each item will be donated to to help provide dogs for US veterans!

Written by Justin Palmer
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