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This Girl Brought Home A $5 Foot Long, It Wasn’t What Mom Was Expecting

There’s always a measure of creativity that goes into caring for a dog, and 21-year-old Kelsey Johnstone needed to call on that creativity sooner than expected. Kelsey’s mom wasn’t exactly on board with the idea of adopting another dog. The family already had a beloved dog named Oliver, but Kelsey was determined to get Oliver a new furry sibling. All she needed was mom’s permission. When a sign outside an animal shelter gave her the perfect idea, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to expand her family.

Posted by Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center on Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center was hosting a special week-long adoption drive. In an effort to help clear out the shelter and get as many rescue dogs into new homes as possible, they came up with a clever marketing tactic. They called it “$5 Foot Long Pets”, and it turned into a big hit. The idea was that any pet that measured 12 inches or longer had a reduced adoption fee of only $5. Of course, the original $5 foot long was invented by a popular sandwich shop. That connection was exactly what Kelsey needed.

Image via Twitter/kelsey johnstone

Ready to bring home another dog, Kelsey sent her mom a quick text asking for permission. Getting the go-ahead to get a $5 foot long isn’t exactly permission to adopt a dog, but it was close enough for Kelsey and her new best friend Bentley. Giving Bentley a loving home was worth the risk of tricking her mom, and Kelsey was convinced no one would blame her for wanting what’s best for the adorable dog.

When Kelsey got home with her $5 foot long, her mother was understandably shocked. Kelsey had managed to keep the secret from her entire family. According to an interview with the Press Association, Kelsey said her mom was mad at first, but even she couldn’t resist Bentley’s charm. The new addition was a definite surprise, but everything worked out for Kelsey and Bentley. Their mom now loves Bentley as part of the family, and their $5 dollar foot long is settling into life outside the shelter.

Image via Twitter/kelsey johnstone

Kelsey’s creativity led to a happy ending, and now she wants her viral story to help other dogs get adopted. But instead of resorting to a technicality, she encourages everyone to spread the word about the importance of animal adoption. Dallas Animal Services works tirelessly to give dogs better lives, and they’re only one shelter in a huge network of animal welfare advocates. There are millions of animals of all lengths waiting to find forever homes.

Feature image via Twitter/kelsey johnstone

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Written by Amber King
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