This Golden Spent Her Life Unloved Until A Rescue Stepped In

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“Courtney lived her life in a pen. Little human attention, and being stuck outside by herself made for a horrible existence. When her owners moved they abandoned her, leaving her behind like a bag of trash. The new people who moved into the house tried to keep Courtney, but their German Shepherd didn’t like her and was aggressive toward the gentle golden retriever. Thankfully, the new residents called Love a Golden Rescue and we took her in. This was a life-changing decision for Courtney. Getting into rescue completely turned her life around for the better.

Photo: Love A Golden Rescue

“Courtney’s transformation began with caring for her fur. When she came to Love a Golden, we had to have her shaved down. Courtney’s fur was in terrible shape. She’d probably never been brushed or groomed. Now, she is a gorgeous girl.

Photo: Love A Golden Rescue

“She is thought to be nine but is quite active and could be younger. Courtney tested heartworm-positive and was preparing for treatment with her premedication. Two weeks after coming to rescue, we thought she came into heat. When the bleeding stopped, her behavior changed. It was obvious she wasn’t feeling well. This old-girl-with-a-young-attitude was very lethargic and wasn’t eating.

Photo: Love A Golden Rescue

“Even though she hadn’t been with Love a Golden very long, we knew she wasn’t acting like the dog we had come to know. Because of our concern, we rushed Courtney to our vet. Within a half an hour after we’d arrived, she was in surgery. It turned out she had pyometra, a life-threatening condition. Had she still been living in the pen, no one would have known her condition because no one really cared. If she had stayed in that pen, this beautiful golden would have died.

“Courtney recovered from surgery and for the next two months was treated for her heartworms. Despite having to recover from the operation and despite having limited activity during the heartworm treatment, this golden had a great outlook on life. Once heartworm treatment was complete, Courtney had a wonderful forever home waiting for her. She is now adopted and shows her joy with tail-wagging and sloppy kisses.

Photo: Love A Golden Rescue

“Her treatment was incredibly expensive. We are thankful to to facilitate us being able to obtain Rescue Bank food through Emily’s Animal Welfare. Getting dog food through this wonderful program means we can use the money we’d normally allocate for dog food to pay our vet bills for dogs like Courtney. We take in a lot of senior dogs and find they often need extensive vet care.

Photo: Love A Golden Rescue

“Courtney has a second chance at a good life—the kind of life every dog should have. Love a Golden can only help needy dogs like Courtney if we have the funds to pay for their medical care. Groups like and resources like Emily’s Animal Welfare help us help more dogs—dogs that are desperate for a loving, caring home.”

Love a Golden Rescue

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