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This Pup Is Branded The Most Stylish Dog In The World!

A Shiba Inu named Bodhi is taking the world by storm with his incredible fashion sense. With over 400,000 followers on Instagram, this stylish pup is paving the way for canine models everywhere.

Bodhi is an 11-year-old doggo that transformed from a humble family pup to the world’s most stylish dog. With his fur mom, Yena, being a previous designer for Ralph Lauren, he grew up with an eye for fashion!

stylish pup

Bodhi’s start in the modeling world began on a whim when Yena got an urge to dress him in her partner’s clothing. Bodhi looked so dapper in his stylish fit, that Yena snapped a few quick photos during his modeling session.

“I fully expected him to flash me a side eye of disapproval and run away, but to my shock and delight, Bodhi sat there smiling with this dashing expression on his face and a gleam in his eye.” – Yena

stylish pup

Blown away at how much of a natural Bodhi was in front of the camera, Yena knew she had to share these chic photos with the world. Before they knew it, Bodhi was an internet sensation!

Since Bodhi’s first photos were shared online, he has bloomed into a full-blown Instagram celebrity. Not only has Bodhi created a dedicated following on Instagram, but he has even landed a feature in some of the world’s most well-known media outlets.

“Since his discovery, he has graced the pages of The New York Times, GQ, Time magazine, CNN & many more.” – Yena

stylish pup

Now that Bodhi is a canine celebrity, Yena has her hands full with managing his multiple collaborations and style requests. Bodhi has now worked with some of the best menswear brands in the world and has made quite the name for himself in the fashion realm.

“We’ve collaborated with the best menswear brands in the world and sometimes I find an amazing piece and feel compelled to style Bodhi in it because I know he makes everything look a hundred times better.” – Yena

Bodhi’s Instagram is filled with eye-catching styles that are perfect for any canine occasion. Whether you need style inspiration for a night on the town or a cozy night in, Bodhi has modeled it all!

stylish pup

Not only can you follow Bodhi on Instagram, but you can even snag his book, The New Classics: Fresh Looks for the Modern Man. Bodhi offers you real-life fashion ideas with a twist and helps you choose the perfect staple items for any wardrobe.

“He is revered for being a trailblazer in the world of Fashion, Photography, Menswear & continues to unlock new heights of chill.” – Yena

We are so impressed by this stylish pup, and can’t wait to see what other fashion tips he offers in the future!

H/T: ladbible.com
Image Source: Mensweardog/Insta

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