Owner Assists Senior Dog In Doing His Very Last Agility Run

Old is beautiful.

Puppies are cute, and so are senior dogs. Senior dogs are very sweet. They have years of experience with friendship. But old age can affect a dog’s physical capabilities. The once very energetic young dog, is now less active. Nevertheless, they are still the adorable and sweet dog that you always knew.

In the video below you’ll see a senior dog doing his last agility run. Most of the time, people would think of dog agility as a competition. Most owners are so absorbed of how their dogs can perfect the different techniques on each course. But when this senior dog did his last agility run, the people were reminded of what’s really important. It’s the relationship you build with your dog as you go through each course together.

On Facebook, Three Pines Productions says:

At this past weekend’s AKC trial in Great Falls, I was reminded what this sport of dog agility is. I mean, at its core, its foundation. As I watched, through the lens, an obviously elderly dog made its way across the ring. No jumps were attempted, but the weaves, tunnel, and teeter were executed with ease. As the jumps were passed by and the team made their way through a small part of the course, it dawned on me. THIS is the foundation of the sport. I can sum it up in one word but maybe you could comment with a word you would use. Mine? Relationship.Please “Like” our page. We film agility trials all year and post the most important parts of those trials, here. Thanks.

Great job, Lakota! And kudos to your loving human too! You guys are amazing!

As what the video has shown, “It’s not about the ‘Q’, it’s about the journey.” – Sharon Nelson

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