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This Special Center Is A Haven For Senior Dogs To Live Out Their Days

Written by: Amber LaRock
Amber LaRock is a writer and reviewer for iHD. She is a Licensed Vet Tech with 12 years of experience in the field, and she now creates informative content for pet parents.Read more
| Published on October 7, 2019

Do you ever wonder what happens to senior dogs that are suddenly displaced, or in dire need of a home? Valerie Reid asked herself this question often, and took it upon herself to start something amazing.

A few years ago, Valerie’s father suddenly passed. This left his beloved senior Doberman without a home, and brought with it a burning question that haunted Valerie often. How many other dogs are left in this position?

The feeling of needing to provide for these desperate pups never left her mind, and she knew it was her calling to provide a place of peace and hope for the less adoptable senior dogs. In honor of her father’s passing, she opened the Whispering Willows Retirement Dog Sanctuary.

Senior Dog Home

There are currently 21 dogs living out their days at this incredible senior sanctuary. Their daily schedule consists of 6 a.m. breakfast, unlimited play, and most importantly, unlimited naps.

It’s clear when looking at the lucky pups at this center, just how happy they truly are. It’s as if they know they are now free to experience each day with complete security, as they will never again face abandonment again.

Senior Dog Home

You would never know the tough pasts these pups faced in their previous situations, as they all beam with happiness and love.

 “Miss Annie was left behind in an apartment after her owner died. Jake was beaten and left to starve to death. Faya lived on a chain her whole life and was abused.”- Valerie

When you hear about the awful history that so many of these pups have, it’s easy to get sad. Though it is heartbreaking, Valerie wants everyone to think of her Sanctuary as a place of happiness.

“Yes their stories are sad, but would be even more said is if they had no place to go.“

With histories like these, Valerie tries her best to make her home as comfortable and welcoming as possible to these traumatized pups. Her home is filled with comfortable dog beds, their amount of treats are endless, and they have a beautiful and spacious yard that they have access to throughout the day. Valerie has built her home to fit their every need, and has plans to expand in the near future.

Senior Dog Home

Whispering Willows was recently gifted a 17,000 square foot building, that was previously used as a classroom. Plans are in the works to remodel this space to fit the needs of the multiple senior dogs that will reside here, but it comes with a hefty price. Whispering Willows will need $12,000 to accomplish this project, and are relying on the public to help them reach their goal.

Senior Dog Home

It makes us so happy to know that there are people out there improving the lives of senior pups, and we look forward to seeing just how many special pups this sanctuary continues to save!

If you would like to support the incredible work at The Whispering Willows Retirement Dog Sanctuary, visit their website here to learn about opportunities for donations and volunteering.


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