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This Window-Leaning Dog Has Been Spotted Crusin’ All Over London

(Note: Always make sure your dog is safely secured when riding in the car.)

Sometimes, something simple can completely make your day…like seeing a dog casually leaning out of a car window, for instance.

Foxy Roxy Mango is a super-chill French Mastiff who’s been documented by passers-by as she cruises around London like celebrity. When the car is stopped, this laid-back lady likes to lean out the window like the boss that she is.

A photo posted by Foxy Roxy Mango (@foxy_roxy_mango) on

Roxy may be an actual celebrity before long–this pup passenger has been all over social media!

A photo posted by Foxy Roxy Mango (@foxy_roxy_mango) on

A photo posted by Holly-Marie Cato (@h_cato) on

Even singer Ellie Goulding was star-struck when she stumbled upon miss Roxy.
“Strolling through SoHo and…” she wrote on her Instagram.

A photo posted by elliegoulding (@elliegoulding) on

But it doesn’t seem like this pooch will let fame go to her adorably droopy head. “Mostly seen cruisin’ round London chillin’ in my courier van,” says her bio on Instagram. “Known to drool occasionally.”

She only gets a little ‘tude when her feminine features are mistaken as male. “I AM NOT A BOY DOG,” the bio reads.

I’d stop to snap a photo, wouldn’t you?

To follow this photogenic pup, visit her Instagram @foxy_roxy_mango  and Twitter @FoxyRoxyMango pages.

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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