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Tiny Puppy Rescued From Hot Car With Seconds To Spare

Written by: Scott H
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| Published on August 6, 2020

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it one thousand times: DON’T LEAVE DOGS IN HOT CARS.

Now say it again for the people in the back! recently reported a heart-pounding story about one young pup in California that is lucky to be alive. He owes his harrowing rescue to a good samaritan who heard his cries for help.

One Little Puppy Who’s Cries For Help Were Heard Just In Time

Earlier this week, a small dog was rescued from a hot car in Riverside, California. The outside temperature was a blistering 99 degrees Fahrenheit. This was nothing compared to the scorching 131 degrees interior of the car!

That wasn’t a typo.


The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 call after a passerby heard the puppy desperately crying for help. Soon the little dog could no longer muster the energy to cry for help as the heat started to take over his tiny body.

“After realizing the dog was not moving and in distress, he rescued the dog from the vehicle and rendered aid,” the sheriff’s office said in a Facebook statement.


The little guy’s name was Boomer and we’re happy to report that he was saved in the nick of time. Officers put Boomer in an air-conditioned police car before being transported to the Ramona Humane Society in San Jacinto, California.

The sheriff’s office shared some important information to remind the public of the dangers of hot cars:

”As a reminder, NEVER leave children or pets alone in a vehicle for even a moment. Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach more than 120°F within minutes, even with the windows partly opened on a cloudy day. Exposure to such high temperatures can quickly kill a person or pet. A body temperature of just 107°F may cause brain damage or death from heatstroke.”

The person responsible for leaving Boomer in the car was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

Hot Car Deaths Are A 100% Preventable Epidemic

According to, hundreds of dogs die in hot cars every year. This is unacceptable because we all have the power to prevent hot car deaths! In fact, it may be the most preventable cause of death for dogs.


Remember to always check your vehicle before heading inside. And, just because it may be a cool day it doesn’t mean that your car won’t get hot. The temperature inside a car rises much higher and faster than it does outside. This means your pups are not safe to be left alone even for a few minutes while you run into a store.

You have the power to save lives!

Featured Photo: @RCSD.Official/Facebook

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