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Teeniest Puppy Worms Her Way Under Fence Into Couple’s Dresser Drawer

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on January 1, 2024

When a tiny, malnourished puppy squeezed under a fence and into a family’s yard, she looked more like a rat than a dog. The family quickly realized that this little creature was in desperate need of help. They reached out to their friends Alicia and Tre. The couple, who already had a dog named Laila, decided to take the puppy in for the night. Little did they know, this small act of kindness would change their lives forever– and the puppy would become a foster fail.


Upon seeing the puppy for the first time, Alicia and Tre were struck by her pitiful condition. She was extremely thin and bloated, but despite her physical state, she seemed happy and grateful to be with them. They gave her milk to drink, and the puppy devoured it with an insatiable hunger. It was clear that she had been starving and needed their help.

The next day, they took the puppy to the vet, who informed them she wouldn’t have survived another day without intervention. Alicia and Tre were determined to give her the love and care she needed to recover. They named her Pumpkin, and she quickly became a beloved member of their family.


Pumpkin’s playful and determined spirit shone through as she began to heal. She would chase after rakes and try to bite them, showing her feisty personality. It wasn’t long before she and Laila, the couple’s other dog, became inseparable. Laila, who was initially picky about other dogs, quickly took to Pumpkin, and the two would often be found sleeping on the same couch.

Pumpkin’s presence even seemed to have a rejuvenating effect on Laila, making her feel younger and more energetic. The two dogs would play together, with Pumpkin mirroring her big sister’s every move. Pumpkin’s affectionate nature extended to everyone she met. She loved to shower people with kisses and cuddles.


Despite her small size, Pumpkin has the heart of a much larger dog. She is fiercely determined and never gives up, a trait that likely saved her life when she crawled into that family’s yard. Today, she is a happy, healthy, and beloved member of Alicia and Tre’s family, proving that even the smallest and most vulnerable creatures can overcome incredible odds with love and determination.

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