After Town Outlaws Tethering, Animal Group Helps Build Kennels and Relocate Dogs

Residents of Athens, Alabama recently started noticing an increase in the number of dogs tied up outside homes. And they weren’t going to be quiet about it. Even legislators got involved and tried to do something about this inhumane practice. Unfortunately, after they passed legislation banning it, some dogs still needed help. That’s where the North Alabama Animal Warriors came into the picture.

No More Tethers

Animal rights activists in Athens explained to city legislators that leaving a dog tied outside day after day is inhumane. Thankfully, the lawmakers listened and passed an ordinance banning the practice.

The new rule said people with dogs had to build a kennel, provide a dog house and give clean straw if the pup spent their days outside. Otherwise, they would face a fine of at least $50.

However, Athens Police Chief Floyd Johnson said the police have needed to issue any citations yet. Most likely because residents had the support of the North Alabama Animal Warriors (NAAW).

According to The News Courier, NAAW member Suzanne Carter said, “In the city, we’ve done at least eight kennels. In the county, we’ve done at least six in the past year. Some of them were more complicated, because they have three and four dogs, so we have to make them larger.”

Now, when members of NAAW see a tethered dog, they approach the human to let them know the new rules. Then, they offer to help.

The group has been an advocate for animals for years. Since 2017, NAAW has donated more than 25 dog houses to county residents.

Dogs Need New Homes

Some people with dogs in Athens decided to relinquish control of their pups instead of complying with the new ordinance. Thankfully, NAAW helps those people, too.

“We had nine in the city and three in the county who relinquished their dogs,” Carter told The News Courier. “Sometimes they can’t really afford to feed the animals [or] they have a momma with puppies [or] they determine they just don’t want an animal.”

NAAW assisted those humans in finding new forever homes for the dogs.

The group wants to educate their community about chaining animals, too. So, Carter supplies schools with educational materials.

“I have put some books out to the city school system called ‘Unchain Your Heart,’ so they can put them in the school libraries,” she said.

What a generous group. Thank goodness they’re able to help the dogs and the humans! If you want to support NAAW’s mission of providing kennels to dogs, email the group at

H/T The News Courier
Featured image c/o North Alabama Animal Warriors Facebook

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