UPS Driver “Delivers” Shelter Pup To His Own Home

Ernie, an energetic 1-year-old Pit Bull mix, had been at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter for a few months. Even with a sponsorship that reduced his adoption fee he’d been having trouble finding the right place. Ernie needed a home where he could be the only pet – a quality that works against a lot of adoptable shelter dogs.

Jason Coronado, a UPS driver was delivering packages to the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter October 5th when he met Ernie. Coronado called Ernie into the truck and the affectionate pup hopped right in – and didn’t want to get out! Eventually, though, he was called back and Coronado returned to his route, but the meeting stayed with him long after the pup made his exit. Ernie had made a big impression!

Photo: Cindy Grisanti/Facebook

This week, after some discussion with his family and a lot of thought, Jason Coronado decided to open his home to Ernie! It took a few weeks for the decision to be settled, because loving and caring for a dog was a matter that Coronado did not want to take lightly. He tells WKBW:

“I wanted to make sure that everyone was on board before I made the move.”

Once the family had made up their minds, Coronado went back to the shelter – off duty this time. Ernie was adopted, and now has a nice new home for the holidays and the rest of his life!

“He is probably my idea of a perfect dog.”

Ernie and Coronado already seem to be bonding. Ernie happily follows Coronado around his house and has made himself right at home!

Every shelter dog wants a home for Christmas – and this pup’s perfect gift came early! It didn’t come in a shiny red sleigh, but in a big brown truck!

Featured Photo: Cindy Grisanti/Facebook

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