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USPS Paw Print Mailbox Stickers Identify Homes With Aggressive Dogs

| Published on June 10, 2020

Even though we mostly think of it as cartoonish or cliche, that dog vs. mail person rivalry is very real. According to statistics from the U.S. Postal Service, in 2018 5,714 employees were attacked by dogs during their rounds. Fortunately, the stats also show those numbers have begun to decline over the last few years. I wish I could say it’s because dogs and postal workers have finally learned to get along, but it’s more initiative-based than that.

Beginning the week of June 8th, 2020, many will begin to notice some slight additions to their mailboxes. Mail workers will place paw print stickers on certain mailboxes. A yellow sticker indicates an aggressive dog lives at the next delivery address. An orange sticker means an aggressive dog lives at this address. This initiative should help reduce the number of dog attacks postal workers experience on the job.


Any person who objects to having one of these stickers on their mailbox can contact the Consumer Affairs Office for their state. But all things considered, a little sticker on the mailbox seems manageable compared to a sharp bite on the leg. The USPS emphasized that having a sticker on your mailbox isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean your doggie is bad!

It also protects dog parents from potential liability. Plus, it informs new postal workers who might not know how to behave around dogs. Buffalo, NY, where Postal Worker Zakary Darlak works, has already begun placing these stickers in 2019. He emphasized to WKBK how valuable these stickers will be to postal workers at risk of dog attacks.

“It’s a serious thing. It effects our families. It effects the post office financially and it’s just not a good situation when someone gets hurt.”

In addition to these stickers, package scanning apps should indicate whether a dog lives at your home. That will affect the delivery process, so it’s important to let the post office know when you sign up.

Why Your Pup Might Hate The Postal Worker & How To Help

Usually, barking or growling is just a symptom of your dog’s territorial instincts. It could be in their breed or a product of their upbringing. Dogs who attack postal workers or delivery drivers typically do so as a means to protect their own pack and area. In many cases, they’re simply frightened and not angry.

Even though some dogs will never let a postal worker into their hearts, many do. Just check out this UPS driver with his befriended doggies if you don’t believe me!


To protect workers and pups, the US Postal Service advises keeping your dog in a room separate from where mail is delivered. They also encourage telling your children not to accept a direct handoff of mail in front of the dog. Your dog might interpret that as an act of aggression.

Darlak noted:

“If you’re outside with your dog and you’re approached with a carrier – if they’re delivering your mail or handing you a package – to put that dog away. We are instructed not to hand any mail or parcels to customers – if the dog is present.”

Hey, I think the paw print stickers are cute. I’d be glad to have one on my mailbox, even though my angel wouldn’t even bite a hand inside of his own mouth. Anything for the person who brings me my mail every day!

H/T: The Dogington Post
Featured Image: @ollie_the_beagle_mix/Instagram

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