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Watch This Dog’s Hilarious Reaction To Being On A Bike Ride!

Dogs are helpful creatures. It seems to be in their nature to want to lend a paw or brighten your day. The internet is littered with stories about dogs eager to help, saving lives and assisting with chores.

Twitter user @doodlewhale saw a small pup doing a new trick when he was out and about earlier this week. It looks as though this little guy is trying to help his friend pedal the bicycle they’re riding – TRYING. His little legs aren’t getting there, but that doesn’t stop him! Keep going, buddy!

The tweet has already been shared over 100,000 times since it was posted two days ago. With the whole world cheering him on, who needs long legs?

He was born to ride! Maybe he’s just helping his friend keep pace. Or he thought it’d be funny to pretend to swim in the water behind him!

Even if he isn’t actually doing any pedaling, it’s the thought that counts.

H/T: Mashable

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Written by Adriana Sandoval
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