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What Happens After You Unlock These Cages Will Make You Cry

Written by: Sarah Le
| Published on August 10, 2017

Numerous dogs locked up in cages with more coming in daily, awaiting certain death – this is the reality for many shelters in the U.S. where there are too many stray and abandoned dogs for the amount of families able to adopt.

These are healthy, hopeful dogs trapped behind cages, sentenced to death. Those cages are the last “home” they will know before being put down. They are euthanized for no other reason than there just wasn’t someone nearby able to make them a family member. This has been a fact of life for decades in some cities with countless precious lives terminated.

dog in cage

In light of this tragedy, many rescue organizations have formed with the sole mission of unlocking those cages. But where would these formerly imprisoned dogs go?

In many parts of the U.S. and Canada, shelter dogs are quickly snatched up by loving families, due to low supply. These non-profit organizations coordinate the transportation of many pets from these overcrowded, underfunded shelters to shelters and rescue groups in other areas that have a need for adoptable animals.

You can unlock these cages and provide innocent, loving, adoptable pups that were about to be euthanized the opportunity to not only keep their life but find a family and be happy. These dogs were on death row but now they get a second chance at life. Now, with your help, we are doing something about it.

But… how?

Introducing the Second Chance Movement ™

Second Chance Movement Necklace and Bracelet

Our latest program helps transport dogs in over-populated kill shelters to rescue groups and no-kill shelters that have forever families waiting to adopt them. When you purchase an item from the Second Chance Movement, we fund a certain number of miles to get these pups off death row.

You are the KEY to their SECOND CHANCE.

Every purchase provides travel miles used towards transporting sometimes over a hundred pets in one trip. This program effectively saves the lives of adoptable pets who were otherwise waiting in uncomfortable conditions to be euthanized at high-kill shelters!

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Remember, you are the KEY to their second chance.

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More About The Second Chance Movement ™

dog in airplane cockpit with head out the windowIn partnership with, The Second Chance Movement ™ will donate travel miles for every purchase of a Second Chance Movement product to non-profit organizations that coordinate the transportation of pets from areas of low-demand to areas of high-demand. Many of these innocent pets would have been euthanized in just a matter of days if they were not rescued.

The donations are provided as a grant from to several benefiting charities that provide both air and ground transports for these pets.

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