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Where is the Brite Bite Made and What Testing Has It Undergone?

Our Brite Bite Brushing Stick has been a huge success. The most wonderful thing about this is that it means many dog parents are taking charge of their pup’s dental health!

We partnered with Brite Bite’s inventor to make an impact in this exact way and we could not be more pleased to find out just how many paw-rents are motivated to keep their dog’s dental hygiene in check.

We thought we’d make some things about the Brite Bite clear, since our customers are some of the most cautious and concerned pet parents there are. We’d like to think we fit that profile ourselves with our own pooches!


The Brite Bite starts with natural rubber, sourced from rubber tree/plant farms around the world. These farms harvest latex (an elastomeric hydro-carbon, to get a bit technical) straight from the plants, typically rubber trees. The process is called “tapping,” where incisions in the tree bark tap into sap veins from which the runny, milky white liquid latex sap is collected. The latex sap is then processed to remove debris and impurities.

Unlike synthetic rubber and plastics, natural rubber is not man-made. It is not synthesized. Natural rubber is a natural product, from nature! In addition to natural rubber, Brite Bite contains coloring and natural flavor (mint for freshening breath).


From there, the natural rubber is shipped to our preferred and fully vetted manufacturer in China. The manufacturer is one of the top, most established in the pet industry and specializes in pet-safe products. In fact, they supply a lot of the products you will find in the top chain pet stores; stores most pet owners have shopped at. This factory produces some of the most popular, safe and durable pet toys around – you probably even have a few of their pieces already in your home! They comply with strict local safety and environmental policy.

A lot of pet owners are wary of products coming from China, and we understand the concern. As cautious pet owners ourselves, our team spent countless hours researching domestic and foreign factories, with our top priorities being safety and quality.

As a pet-focused Veteran-owned company passionate about making a difference in pet lives as well as people’s lives, we feel that our best impact can be made in sourcing our products from efficient, experienced factories that provided the most affordable, highest quality product. It was our goal to keep costs down enough to allow for the donation amounts we provide for each of our products now.

Our search led us to the best of the best factories in China. Now, we can provide a meaningful donation per product, which wouldn’t be possible without our Chinese manufacturers.

Is It Safe?

We’ve explained how Brite Bite is made with the best pet-safe, natural materials. But did you know that the Brite Bite Brushing Stick is safe for the whole family? This may seem silly, but it’s true!

We know that families with dogs and kids have to be extra careful about what toys they give their pups, because their kiddos might also get a hold of it at some point. So we took it a step further and submitted Brite Bite for safety testing.

Brite Bite has been independently tested and certified by Bureau Veritas, a third party consumer product testing lab, to meet consumer product safety act standards and even meets child toy safety standards.

How to Use Brite Bite

The Brite Bite Brushing Stick should only be given to your pup for 5 minutes at a time and with supervision. It should not be treated as a conventional chew toy.

Why only 5 minutes at a time?

  • To keep them interested and ensure they don’t get bored with it
  • So they consider it a “treat”
  • To ensure they don’t use it as a chew toy or bone that they chew up
  • Five minutes should be all they need for their teeth to get “brushed” clean!

Though the Brite Bite is made of durable, natural rubber, dogs can bite off chunks. This is why you need to supervise them!

Some dogs do not immediately take an interest in the Brite Bite. It may take a few tries for them to get comfortable. Try presenting the Brite Bite as a new toy. Don’t put pressure on your dog to interact with it, just let your pup explore it first – even if it’s just a sniff, it’s still a step in the right direction!

You can apply pet-safe tooth-paste, peanut butter, coconut oil or other spreadable dog-safe food on the Brite Bite to make it more appealing to your pup.

If you have any further questions about Brite Bite, we’d be more than happy to discuss. Click here to get in touch with iHeartDogs customer service!

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Written by Sarah Le
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