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Dog Fancies Baby Donkey As She Takes Her First Breath But Mom’s Unsure

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on November 30, 2023

When Colton, a gentle and welcoming dog, first saw baby donkey Willow being born, it was love at first sight. Her fascination with the little foal was palpable, as if she had already envisioned a future playmate. However, Olive, Willow’s protective mother, was initially hesitant to let Colton approach her newborn.


As the days passed, Olive gradually allowed Willow to explore and interact with Colton. The pair soon formed a strong bond, with Colton acting like an older sibling, always looking out for her little sister. She seemed to have an innate ability to sense when the animals needed some extra love and care, and her calming presence was particularly comforting to Willow.

Olive eventually realized that Colton’s watchful eye over Willow meant she could take a break from constantly monitoring her little one. The mornings on the farm took on a new routine, as Colton would accompany Willow from the barn to her field. With a halter on, the baby donkey would walk alongside her canine friend, forming a heartwarming sight that could melt the coldest of hearts.


Their unique friendship was truly captivating, and many who witnessed the pair found themselves unable to focus on anything else. It was a testament to the fact that farm animals, like dogs and cats, have distinct personalities and desires for love and play.

This gentle relationship between Colton and Willow has taught many people about the tender nature of farm animals. Their bond serves as a reminder of the importance of treating these animals with kindness and respect, as they are not so different from our beloved pets at home.

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