With Her Service Dog, Veteran Can Follow Her Dream Of Becoming A Doctor

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US Army Veteran Freedom served as a combat medic, and was diagnosed with severe PTSD as the result of service-related events. Freedom received a service dog through Patriot PAWS. Because of her severe disabilities, she believed that her dream of attending medical school and becoming a doctor would never come to pass.

But then she was matched with Gus.

Gus is a male yellow lab who was trained for service by Patriot PAWS. He had his graduation at their training center in Rockwall, Texas, and was paired with Freedom.

“I’m beyond grateful to everyone at Patriot PAWS and to Gus. He’s changing the way I experience the world and the way I see myself. I didn’t know how much better life could be. He’s showing me the way.”

Freedom is now in school and on her way to achieving her dream of becoming a doctor, with Gus by her side!

Photo: Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

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