You Can Now Try Out The Latest Dog Products For Free! No, Seriously, For Free!

How many dog ads have you seen? I’m guessing, if you’re as passionate of a dog owner as I am, you see hundreds each month. Emails, pop-ups, commercials, all trying to sell you some new product that will change your dog’s life.

I admit, I’ve even done product reviews on this very site! But I constantly find myself trying to tell you about some new great product I’ve found, saying to myself “I wish I could just send everyone a free sample.”

I imagine you’ve found yourself desperately wanting to try a product you’ve seen without dropping the $50 for a small bottle of it. Well, I have some good news. A company called PINCHme is doing just that.  pinchme-pet-3

Recently, I saw a dental stick product that I thought might help my pup with his doggy breath. I had a desire to try it out, but for the amount of money it was selling for, I wasn’t willing to to take a gamble.

Then as I was mindlessly wondering the internet, like we often do, I stumbled upon PINCHme. Right there, on their site was the dental stick product I wanted to try! I signed up for free and got to test the sticks out on my pup. Something selling in big department stores for free!

The site was offering free samples of just about anything you could think of. From pet products, to products for mothers. Here is the thing, which at first I thought had to have a catch, but didn’t, the products were actually 100% free. Yeah, free as in I didn’t pay a dime, not even shipping.


PINCHme is a monthly box of free goodies for your dog. Here is how you get going:

1. You simply sign up for free on

2. Fill out your profile indicating you own a dog. 

3. Select the free samples you’re interested in. 

4. Then, once you try them out, give a review of the product. 

On top of the dog options, there is a wide variety of products to select from. They include products for home, food, beauty, baby and personal care. I’ve actually tested some of the cleaning products as well.

To start getting your free products, just go to and start the process I mentioned above. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to finally get to test out the latest products and I hope you enjoy getting some free stuff, too!


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