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You Can’t Adopt Every Shelter Animal, But You Can Do This Instead

Written by: Sarah Le
| Published on August 9, 2017

As animal lovers, it’s a rare day when we don’t experience a sinking heart at the thought of all the pets in shelters waiting for a home and that many of those loving, adoptable animals will be put down before really getting a chance.

Don’t we all wish we could adopt just one more pet (and after that, just one more) to save them from suffering in a cold shelter and later a needless death?

Since one person can’t individually adopt all the shelter animals on the euthanasia list, it’s up to all the animal lovers to do what they can. But most of the high-kill shelters in the U.S. are located in specific regions, while elsewhere families are waiting and shelters could accommodate many more pets.

What would be the best solution?

We’ve contemplated what to do for a while and that’s when we found out that there are organizations dedicated to transporting pets from overcrowded, underfunded shelters to other areas where shelter animals are lacking. We knew we wanted to be a part of this fantastic effort and landed on creating the Second Chance Movement™.

Wings of Rescue, in collaboration with, transports pets by air to safety and a likely adoption.
Wings of Rescue volunteers, in collaboration with, transporting pets by air to a better life.


Every Second Chance Movement product purchased helps fund travel miles through our charity partner, which allocates donations to a variety of non-profits, including many such groups focused on transporting cats and dogs to safety.

Shop All Second Chance Movement

By purchasing a Second Chance Movement item, you’re literally providing the key to these pets’ cages and offering them another chance at a happy life.

The travel miles from each purchase are put towards a trip that could save well over a hundred pets! When pets reach their destination, rescue groups and/or shelters receive them. Often these pets are adopted within just a few days to loving families.

Volunteer drivers and airplane pilots donate their time and vehicles to transport pets to high-demand areas. Charities put a lot of time into planning and traveling. All of that requires volunteer time and funds for fuel, insurance and other travel expenses.

Your support helps each vehicle get that much closer to its destination and the salvation of hundreds of innocent, affectionate pets.


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