You Helped Mauka Transform From A Broken Pup To A Social Butterfly

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Mauka’s rescue journey began when a dedicated team of dog lovers responded to a reported animal cruelty case. Once the team arrived to Polk County home, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

rb mauka

Mauka was one of 107 Pit Bull mixes that were trapped in an illegal dogfighting operation. Mauka and the other dogs on the property were found tied to trees or car axles buried in the ground with heavy logging chains and were forced to live in absolute filth. They were left to stand in mud that was high enough to cover their paws and were unable to hide away from the rain that was currently falling.

Among the terrible conditions, they were forced to live in was the physical state of each pup on the scene. Mauka herself was severely malnourished, had wounds all over her body, had a terrible mouth abscess, and was positive for Babesia when she was rescued. Not only was she in terrible physical shape, but she was mentally broken as well.

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Mauka had only known a life of suffering up until that point, and she carried those wounds with her for weeks to come. It wasn’t until she experienced the love of the dedicated volunteers with the Cedartown Animal Rescue that the true Mauka began to shine.

Mauka entered the CARES foster program with a debilitating illness and a broken spirit but soon began to understand how wonderful it felt to be loved. In the months to come Mauka was able to tackle her Babesiosis, heal from her wounds, grow a thick and shining coat, and receive the one-on-one attention that she always deserved.

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“’s Rescue Bank gives rescue groups such as Cedartown Animal Rescue Education & Sterilization an opportunity to receive donated food at the cost of shipping. Having this ability is such an asset to animal organizations because it frees up our limited supply of funds to be needed in other areas-mainly paying our ever-increasing vet bills.” – Cedartown Animal Rescue Education & Sterilization

Mauka has since made a complete transformation with the help of her dedicated foster and has even become social with other canine friends. She is well on her way to the loving future she always deserved, and it’s all thanks to dedicated animal lovers like you!

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If Mauka’s transformation wasn’t incredible enough, we’ve also learned that the cruel “owner” that held Mauka and her other furry friends captive will actually face the punishment he deserves.

“Two weeks ago, the ‘owner’ of these dogs was convicted on all 214 counts – 107 felony dogs fighting counts and 107 misdemeanor animal cruelty counts. Yesterday was sentencing for this person and we are happy to announce that justice has been served for these dogs! This person was sentenced to 50 YEARS – 15 to serve in prison, 35 to serve on probation! In addition, this person can never own a dog again, live with someone who owns a dog or live somewhere with a privacy fence obstructing the view of the yard! This is a HUGE success for animal lovers everywhere as well as justice for these 107 dogs.” – Cedartown Animal Rescue Education & Sterilization

We are so thankful for the team at Cedartown Animal Rescue Education & Sterilization, and have no doubt that Mauka will have a beautiful life with them on her side!

Image Source: CedartownAnimalRescue/Facebook

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