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You’ll Be Surprised When You See What Security Camera Captures This Man Doing To A Stray Dog


Bülent Kalpakçıoğluc, a municipal worker in Giresun, Turkey, didn’t know he was caught on candid camera when he saw a stray dog lying outside in the snow. The camera had been installed due to recent theft and was hoping to catch criminals in the act if they were to strike again. Kalpakçıoğluc is no such criminal, though. Instead, he didn’t something totally unexpected when he approached the stray dog.

First, he offered the dog some food. Then, he took the coat off his back and covered the cold pup to keep him warm during the winter snow. When interviewed by The Dodo, he said, “If I did not give my jacket, it would have eaten at my conscience. While we are sitting warm at home, they are outside in the cold.” It’s a compassionate act that we can all learn from, especially since stray animals are not always treated with kindness.

Even better than Kalpakçıoğluc’s incredible act of kindness was the response from his employer. Giresun’s mayor, Kerim Aksu, awarded him a certificate for his outstanding service. “With this action, he gave a lesson in humanity,” Aksu stated. “Animals are our friends. We love people, we love our city, we love all living things that are an integral part of us and our city.” A huge thanks to Kalpakçıoğluc and Aksu for their awesome work helping animals!

Written by Katie Finlay
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