Your Favorite IHD Products Help Give Dogs Like Clyde A Second Chance

According to his friends from the Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START), Clyde’s former owners made a big mistake when they abandoned him.

Luckily, START was able to rescue sweet Clyde from an overcrowded California shelter and send him on a transport to Safe Haven Humane Society in Tangent, Oregon.

Photo c/o Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team

At Safe Haven, dogs like Clyde get the time they need to decompress so they can put their best paw forward when meeting adopters. Thanks to this second chance, Clyde quickly found his forever home, and has been living happily ever after ever since!

“Clyde has been with us for a couple of months now, and we love him more and more every day. He is a lover of running, looking out our front window, playing ball, snuggling, and on occasion, getting into our trash can. He is genuinely amazing, and we’re so happy we got the opportunity to have him as a member of our family.” – Clyde’s Forever Family

iHeartDogs has partnered with to help dogs like Clyde get from overcrowded shelters to geographic areas where they stand a better chance of adoption. Every Second Chance Movement™ product you purchase helps fund transport miles with organizations like START Rescue.

To date, your purchases have provided 172,421 rescue miles – and counting!

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