Your Purchases Are Funding Much-Needed Service Dogs for Veterans

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

Our veterans are in crisis. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide every day. Patriot PAWS Service Dogs receives over 140 calls each week from veterans inquiring about a service dog and that number continues to rise. As Patriot PAWS Service Dogs continues to grow due to the great need for service dogs, they have increased the number of puppies coming into the program. At present, they have 62 dogs in the program, all at various stages of their training.

“Here is a group of service dogs in training, still puppies, who came into our program thanks in part to Greater Good’s grant. Pups: Chris, Kiera, Sebert, Reba, and Rose came into the program early this spring.” – Patriot PAWS Service Dogs

Image Source: Patriot PAWS Service Dogs


They had been at the Patriot PAWS main campus in Rockwall, Texas for their initial evaluation and training. From there, the training takes them to their inmate trainers in two of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice units, Crain and Lane Murray, with whom they’re partnered. It’s there that they work on their core foundation training. After the finish, the pups are sent on their way to Student Puppy Raisers at Texas A&M University to continue the foundation training, as well as important socialization.

Sebert @ Patriot PAWS Service Dogs
Image Source: Patriot PAWS Service Dogs


These pups, like all who go through their program, will continue to rotate through the main campus in Rockwall, Texas, the inmate trainers at the three prison units within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Student Puppy Raisers at Texas A&M University, as well as Puppy Raisers in the DFW Metroplex for their 2 – 2.5 year training. The pups are continuously monitored and evaluated throughout their training and rotated to ensure the highest quality!

“The grant awarded to Patriot PAWS Service Dogs by Greater Good has made a direct impact. These pups are looking good and heading into an exciting leg of their training!” – Patriot PAWS Service Dogs


Image Source: Patriot PAWS Service Dogs via Facebook


Patriot PAWS Service Dogs is just one of the many groups that benefit from Greater Good through the Pets & Vets program. Every time you make a purchase from the iHeartDogs shop, you’re helping fund projects just like this!


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