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10 Great Ways to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

#5 – Try Out Agility


If you’re looking for more fun things to do at your pup’s party, consider giving agility a try. Agility equipment can be rented or purchased at discount prices if you aren’t looking for competition training, and your dog is certain to enjoy learning new tricks. Teaching your pooch and her friends to go over jumps and run through tunnels for treats and toys will be a hit at the party!

#6 – Play Find It Games


Find It games are a fun way to teach your pup to use his nose. Hide treats in places in your house or yard, wherever the party is, and let each dog find them one at a time. You can start by showing your pup where you hide the first treat, and encourage him to seek it out. Soon enough, you’ll be able to send him to find all of the hidden snacks without your help. Dogs don’t need training for this, and it’s a fun way to teach them how to use their noses and get their brains working for food!

#7 – Hold a Talent Show


Does your dog or any of her friends know any special tricks? Holding a doggie talent show will give you and your guests and opportunity to enjoy the dogs’ tricks! If someone is especially good at obedience training, they can even put on a little demo to show the rest of the party the cool things their dog can do! Let there be a fun prize for the pooch who’s voted the winner!

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