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10 Things Small Dog Lovers Will Understand

Written by: Scott H
Scott Haiduc is the Director of Publishing for iHeartDogs, iHeartCats and The Hero Company. When not working, Scott spends his time on the farm, taking care of his animals and crops.Read more
| Published on February 6, 2019

Ever heard, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”? Shakespeare said that, and I think he was talking about dogs – maybe without knowing it. If you have a small dog then you know that size doesn’t really matter. In fact, small dogs have just as much spark, personality, and loyalty as their bigger canine counterparts – usually even more. For little pup devotees, you know what it’s like to have one of these peanuts at home. If you have a small dog burrowed on your sofa, you’ll definitely get a kick out of these 10 small dog fun facts.

1. The barking is real.

Did the doorbell ring? You’ll hear a bark. Did the garage door open? You’ll hear a bark. Did a loud noise startle your dog from their slumber? You’ll hear a bark. Actually, it’s a myth that small dogs bark more than larger breeds, but that doesn’t make those sounds any less attention-grabbing. All dogs are capable of barking. The good news is you can there are ways to prevent your pooch barking at every noise. Of course, your dog’s bark can signal a problem, so don’t be too quick to quiet your “home protection system” down. 

2. …but never call a small dog yippy.

If you want to upset the owner of a small dog, tell them their beloved pup is yippy. There’s nothing more annoying than someone classifying your little one this way. Yes, a Jack Russell Terrier’s bark has a certain bite, but that shouldn’t induce name calling. Smaller dogs have less weight to throw around, sometimes making their bark surprisingly loud. That doesn’t make them yippy. Think of it like this – a tuba produces a big, booming sound, while a trumpet produces beautiful high notes. So just enjoy the music.

3. Travel is a breeze.

No flying in the cargo hull of the plane for these guys. Ugh – could you imagine? Your small dog can slip into a travel bag and then walk through the TSA security checkpoint with you. Your pup never has to leave your side, except when you slide the carrier underneath the seat in front of you on an airplane or train. The only thing that’s tough to swallow is the exorbitant fee to bring your pet along for the ride.

4. They make excellent dining companions.

You never have to eat out alone when you have a small dog. Dinner al fresco for two? Why thank you! Little dogs fit right on your lap or by your side on the ground next to the table. Even if the patio isn’t spacious, there’s room for your little furry friend to dine, too. Also, many restaurants have little water bowls to keep your pup hydrated. Doesn’t get much better than dinner with your best bud.

5. Kids, take care.

They don’t call them “toy” breeds for nothing. The smallest breeds of dogs are often mistaken for stuffed animals or other toys by children. If you have one of these itty bitty breeds, you know it’s important to remind small children to be gentle. Little dogs need a bit more protection. But they’re also capable of immense amounts of love.

6. The shorter the legs, the shorter the walk.

The tiniest of dogs don’t need an hour of play or exercise a day. 30-minutes of combined walk time is enough for them. This comes in handy when the weather outside is frightful. When there’s a foot of snow outside or buckets of rain, your little dog doesn’t need to slog through it. All they need is a trip in and out for a bit of fresh air during inclement weather. But remember, there are plenty of small dogs that have hyper DNA and do need more exercise. So just because your doggy may be small, their need for exercise may be big.

7. Little dogs are popular with the masses.

Who doesn’t want to pet a little fluff ball? Because your little pup is so easy to transport, you can bring your best friend with you to outdoor restaurants, patios, parks, and on most public transportation. Retrieve your small dog from its carrier in the airport terminal and you’ll be swarmed by friendly visitors who want some doggy love. The little ones are less intimidating and often too adorable to overlook.

8. You don’t have to stop at one.

When dogs are this little, it’s easy to want more than one to keep you company. The small size pups are more portable and lower maintenance, so you can easily add another one to your family. Two little dogs eat as much as one big dog, right? The ratio may not be exactly 2:1, but food bills are much less for the little guys, so adding one more to the bunch won’t break the bank. And look at it this way – you’re getting twice the love! 

9. Dress them up or dress them down, they look good in whatever they wear.

Outfits can be everyday wear for the little pups. Clothing is not only for looking good. Small dogs get cold. Sweaters and other accessories to keep them warm and stylish can be addicting. A Great Dane in a tutu may look out of place, but a Yorkie with pink ruffles is adorable.

10. Small dogs make expert burrowers.

If your little dog goes missing, the first place you typically look is the throw blanket on the couch. Small dogs build a nest and cuddle themselves inside the soft folds with only their snout or eyes peering out. It’s adorable but worrisome when you call their name and they don’t respond immediately. But can you blame them for wanting to get cozy?

No two small dogs are made alike. But Shakespeare had it right when he said that though they may be little, they are fierce. Firecely loyal and loving, that is. There’s nothing better than cuddling up with a small, wherever you may take them. We’d love to see a photo of your pint-sized pooch. Share a pic in the comments on Facebook!

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