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12 Dog Breeds That Are Complete Goofballs

All dogs are individuals and each is full of its own unique personality, but there are some breeds that have a tendency to be sillier than others. Some breeds are just the class clowns of the dog world, always ready to play and making people laugh with their goofy antics. If you’re looking for a pup that’s always up to something crazy, check out these breeds!

#1 – Bulldog


The Bulldog, or English Bulldog, is a large, short and wrinkly dog known for its outstanding temperament. They make excellent family companions and are active enough to keep up with their owners but lazy enough that they’ll likely be found snoring around the house during the day.

#2 – Boxer


The Boxer is a very playful and goofy dog loved. The breed is loved by its owners and enthusiasts because of its enthusiastic personality, always ready to go and make the entire neighborhood laugh!

#3 – Pembroke Welsh Corgi


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a special appearance with its foxy face and short, stubby legs. The breed’s personality meets its looks as they are energetic, active and playful dogs always looking to have a good time and often entertaining themselves if no one else wants to play.

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