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13 Dog Breeds That Are Complete Goofballs

| Published on August 17, 2020

Who doesn’t love a goofy dog?

The dog lovers at sure adore a silly pup and we know all dogs are individuals, each full of their own unique personality. But, there are some breeds with a tendency to be sillier than others. Some breeds are just the class clowns of the dog world, always ready to play and making people laugh with their goofy antics.

If you’re looking for a pup that’s always up to something crazy, check out these goofy dog breeds!

Bring on the Silly with These 13 Goofy Dog Breeds

#1 – Bulldog

silly dog breeds

The Bulldog, or English Bulldog, is a large, short and wrinkly dog known for its outstanding temperament. They make excellent family companions and are active enough to keep up with their owners but lazy enough that they’ll likely be found snoring around the house during the day. And, when sleeping, these goofy dogs tend to get themselves into some hilarious and logic-defying positions!

#2 – Boxer

goofy dogs

Though very serious in appearance, the Boxer is a playful and goofy dog, never quite losing their silly puppy ways. The breed is loved by its parents and enthusiasts thanks to a spirited personality. A Boxer is always ready to go for a prance and make the entire neighborhood laugh!

#3 – Pembroke Welsh Corgi


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi has a special appearance with its foxy face and short, stubby legs. The breed’s personality meets its looks as they are energetic, active and playful dogs always looking to have a good time. These adorable dogs are always up for goofiness and can often be found entertaining themselves if no one else wants to play.

#4 – French Bulldog


goofy dogs

The French Bulldog is smaller than its English cousin but has every bit as much personality. The breed is adored for its silly looks and its playful, clownish temperament! Might it be these great traits responsible for making the French Bulldog very popular among dog lovers? We think so, because they’re cute and goofy dogs!  

#5 – Springer Spaniel


Adorable with their freckles, the Springer Spaniel boasts a large personality. Springers are known for being very goofy dogs who are always ready to go out and have a good time. They make great active family companions and are very fun to be around. You’ll find yourself dashing around the yard like a goofball too when a Springer Spaniel is your best friend

#6 – Yorkshire Terrier


Pretty and goofy, an amazing combo! Although tiny, the Yorkshire Terrier is stuffed full with a large personality. These little terriers are tenacious and silly, popular not only because of their dainty looks but their goofiness as well. They are active little dogs certain to keep their parents always laughing.

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#7 – Labrador Retriever

goofy dogs

One of the most popular dogs in the world, the Labrador Retriever is renowned for its outstanding temperament. They are active, social and fun-loving dogs who can’t help constantly coming up with new, silly antics to keep their families smiling. Want to experience pure joy? Watch a Lab get goofy when they’re feeling frisky and funny

#8 – Miniature Bull Terrier


The Miniature Bull Terrier is a feisty little dog full of clownish personality and always ready to get out for quality time with the family. They are excellent family companions and very social, fun-loving dogs who will keep you going even when you’re tired!

#9 – Border Collie


The Border Collie is one of the most popular working dogs and while many of their funny tricks are trained, the breed does have a very unique personality. They are very fun-loving dogs and always on the go, ready to learn the next trick or play a new game. A mischievous and goofy dog all-in-one, they have clownish personalities but are not suitable for someone that isn’t looking to spend excess time on training and exercise.

#10 – Siberian Husky


The Siberian Husky is an active, fun-loving dog who enjoys spending time with the family. They have no problem entertaining themselves with games of their own creation and because of this, these intelligent dogs can be a handful for unprepared owners. For those that love and understand them, though, Sibes are one of the silliest dogs around. Get a Husky and get ready to get goofy! 

#11 – Boston Terrier

silly dog

Terriers are silly dogs, but the Boston Terrier is considered to be one of the goofiest dogs around. They are extremely clownish and constantly the center of attention, making everyone laugh – even people who don’t particularly like dogs! Always dressed in their best tuxedo, Bostons are great companions and always ready for some new adventures.

#12 – Pug

goofy dogs

The Pug’s looks are amplified by its hilarious personality. These dogs are always acting the fool and being giant goofballs, even when they’re snoring peacefully on your couch. That snore alone makes them a goofy dog! Pugs are playful, social and fun-loving companions for someone looking for a small dog with a lot to offer.

#13 – Jack Russell Terrier

Hyper? Check. Silly? Check. One of the ultimate goofballs in the list of goofy dogs, the Jack Russell Terrier has the energy to back up their wacky ways! Just because they’re silly doesn’t mean they’re not coordinated though. Jack Russells often excel in dog sports and the activity helps burn off their extra energy.

So, is your pup one of these goofy dogs? Or is your silly dog a goofball all their own?

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