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15 Signs Your Dog Might Actually Be Your “Baby”

11. And you make sure to keep your little snuggler warm as the weather get chilly.

At first, you just did it for fun. But when you saw your pooch in that perfectly-sized sweater, it looked so right.

dog sweater

12. And when special occasions roll around, you make sure your little one is a handsome, dapper reflection of you.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, folks. He’s a ladies man.

dog dressed up

13. Your pooch is always the star of your annual Christmas card.

…whether he likes it or not. You just want to show him off to everyone because you’re so proud.

Christmas Dog

14. And you always celebrate special occasions together.

Even if he doesn’t know what day it is, you want him to know how special he is to you and your family.

dog birthday

15. Although you two may not be biologically related, you actually resemble each other.

You may not share genetics, but you both like playing outside, snuggling, vanilla ice cream, and making each other happy. It’s pretty clear that the two of you are absolute soulmates, and you couldn’t be a prouder parent of a kiss-giving, unconditionally-loving fur baby.

hand and paw

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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