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18 Adorable Dog-O-Lanterns To Inspire You This October

| Published on October 19, 2020

The leaves have changed colors and grocery stores have started putting bins full of pumpkins outside. That means it’s carving season! I don’t know about you all, but I’m ready to move past the standard jack-o-lantern face look this year. This year it’s going to be about carving a dog-o-lantern.

I found a bunch of really cool dog pumpkin carving designs from around the web. They range from simple to detailed, but one of these may just help you with your pumpkin this year. At the very least, the pictures are adorable.

1. Corgi Carving


You’d recognize those Corgi ears anywhere. They look gorgeous lit by candle, don’t they?

2. A Pomeranian Pumpkin


There’s a lot of detail in here, but this design really looks like its muse.

3. Three Pumpkin Wiener Dog


The middle pumpkin will be the easiest to carve, I bet.

4. A Simple But Elegant Cut


Even though the design looks simple, candlelight really makes this doggie pumpkin come to life.

5. Orange Goldie


This Golden Retriever and I both like what we see with this dog-o-lantern.

6. That German Shepherd Glow


The German Shepherd’s tall pointed ears look beautiful when lit from inside a pumpkin.

7. A Greyhound Caricature


This Greyhound design is simple and super cute!

8. A Fall Frenchie


It’s not easy, but this design gives you an idea of which cuts make a good-looking French Bulldog face.

9. Panting Pittie


This carving looks like a Pit Bull on a summer day (but in the fall.)

10. Happy Halloween Indeed


This smiling dog carving will bring a smile to all your neighbors.

11. A Pumpkin Tribute To Pit Bulls


Why not try carving that Pittie-particular head shape this Halloween?

12. For The Frisbee Lover


This silhouette of a dog playing frisbee looks so cute on a front porch!

13. Pumpkin Fit For Royalty


This detailed design even includes little Cavalier King Charles freckles.

14. Lab-O-Lantern


Turns out you can make a Lab’s precious face by carving a bunch of shapes.

15. Pointer Pumpkin


Capture the majesty of that pointer dog form with this carving!

16. Collie Carving


This particular artist did a great job capturing the Collie look.

17. Pit Bull Approved Pumpkin


Clearly, this good boy can tell he’s been honored with this dog pumpkin carving.

18. Westie-ween


A Westie-inspired pumpkin will be the envy of your neighborhood.

There’s still time until Halloween, so maybe you can even carve a few dog-o-lanterns. I mean, they’re all so cute! Who could pick one?

H/T: Just Something
Featured Image: @Beanz_Memez_Heinz/Reddit

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