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6 Unique Ways to Honor a Departed Dog

Losing your best friend is always difficult. Our dogs bring love, happiness, and companionship to our lives without asking for much in return. As such, their own lives are just not long enough.  After they’re gone, we all work hard to preserve the memories we have of them. Below are some unique ways to honor your faithful companion and remember them forever.

 1. Sponsor a Dog Park

A great way to keep your best friend in the hearts of everyone who knew him at the park you frequented is to look into donating a dog park. Or, if there was already a dog park you visited often, see about sponsoring its upkeep. Either way, place a nice plaque or statue there, so your best friend can forever watch over future patrons.

iHeartDogs trusts GreaterGood to make a change for the better in the lives of shelter dogs. You can donate in honor of your departed dog.

 2. Donate to a Canine Charity

Nothing is better than honoring a departed loved one by helping others. You can donate in your dog’s name to a local rescue or a national cause such as canine cancer or Leader Dogs, a foundation that provides service dogs for free. You can also let family and friends who want to help you honor your best friend know that they can also donate in her name. Check out to find animal-related charities that you can trust to put your donation to good use.

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 3. Replica Stuffed Animal makes stuffed animals that are uncannily similar to their real life counterparts and are the perfect way to memorialize your loved one. Simply send them photos, and they will make you a lasting replica of your dog – in miniature or life-size! They can even include a velvet line pocket for your pet’s ashes if you wish.

 4. Plant a Tree

All dogs love the outdoors and sniffing trees. Why not honor your lost friend by planting a tree in one of our nation’s National Forests? Like the charity, you can also let friends and families participate. The Plant Memorial Tree company will even send a card to the recipient with the donor’s name, making it a perfect gift you are looking for a bereavement gift.

This bracelet feeds 7 shelter dogs in honor of your lost pet.

 5. Memorial Jewelry

One popular way to remember a beloved pet is through jewelry. Through jewelry, you can carry the memory of your lost pet with you everywhere. In addition, when you buy your memorial jewelry through the iHeartDogs store, you’re feeding shelter pets in honor of the one you lost.

Cement statues like these depict dogs with angelic wings and come in several different breeds. PhenomeGNOME via Etsy

 6. Home and Garden Decor

You may keep your pet’s ashes in your home along with a photo or a few sweet words. You could also keep a statue or marker in your yard some place where you’ll see it every day. It will serve as a pleasant reminder of the happy memories you and your departed dog made in your home.


Featured Photo: PhenomeGNOME via Etsy

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Written by Kristina Lotz
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