Abused & Thrown From A Truck, This Dog Deserves To Know Love

Maggie Mae didn’t ask to be abused by humans. She didn’t ask to be tossed from a moving vehicle in the middle of the night, injured and alone. And she certainly didn’t ask to be branded “intimidating” because of her breed and the scars on her face.

But Maggie does have one request. Now that she’s experienced human kindness thanks to LifeLine Animal Project, she wants to have that feeling full-time with a family of her own.

LifeLine Animal Project is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization that runs two clinics, it’s own animal shelter, and manages DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services which take in anywhere from 40 to 60 animals a day. Sadly, the majority of the animals they rescue are Pit Bull-type dogs who have been victims of abuse.

Paul Ebbs is one of the dedicated animal control officers at LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services shelter. On Friday, February 24 he responded to a call about “an intimidating-looking dog” thrown from a truck onto the caller’s property the night before.  Although the dog was injured and had a long chain and lock around her neck, the property owner decided to wait until the next day to call animal enforcement, hoping that whoever threw her out would come back for her.

Ebbs rushed to the scene and found himself face to face with Maggie Mae. He quickly figured out that her looks were the only intimidating thing about her. She was timid, but gentle and sweet. Ebbs formed an emotional bond with her instantly. He even assigned her her new name.

He shared the following statement with I Heart Dogs via email:

“We are treating her for several infected bite wounds to her face and torso. Hers is the face of neglect and abuse.  Lets hope someone shows Maggie Mae a life where violence is absent, and she won’t need to look intimidating anymore.”

Ebbs and the rest of the caring staff at LifeLine feel that Maggie’s face is also one of hope and resilience. They are devoted to ensuring that Officer Ebbs is just the first of many people to show her the depths of kindness that can be found in this world.

According to Ebbs:

“Her wounds are healing and revealing the wonderful spirit in this baby. I still don’t think we will find the person who dumped her but there is a chance. Maggie should be ready for adoption and or foster in a few days. Getting her into a real home is first on the list.  Justice for Maggie Mae?  Yeah, we are working on that too.”

Maggie’s first super hero, Officer Ebbs, whisked her away from a life of fear and pain, but she still needs a second savior to show her the love and stability of a forever home. If you think you could be Maggie’s Superman or Wonder Woman, visit her at Fulton County Animal Services, contact the shelter by phone at (404) 613-0358, or send an email to [email protected]

To make a life-saving donation to LifeLine and help hundreds of dogs and cats like Maggie, click here.


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