Adopt One of These “Ugly” Dogs on Ugliest Dog Day!

Yup, there is an “Ugliest Dog Day” and it’s on June 19th. We partnered with Best Friends Animal Society to bring you a few uniquely adorable dogs that are looking for homes. Will you open your heart and adopt one of these dogs, whom we all think are simply adorable? Note: Best Friends adopts to all of the United States and Canada. Please contact Best Friends Animal Society right here.

#1. Oz

Oz is a 10 year old Min Pin mix with uniquely floppy ears, a serious underbite, and amazing snaggle teeth. Though he’s classified as a senior, Oz still has plenty of spunk and loves to go for walks. He’s great with other little dogs and enjoys cuddling with people. Oz is available at Best Friend’s Animal Society’s NKLA Pet Adoption Center in West LA. Click HERE for his profile.

Image source: Best Friends
Image source: Best Friends

#2. Zoey

Zoey is an exuberant boxer mix who loves attention and specializes in sloppy kisses. With an active household, and the right play partners, she would be one perfect companion! Born in 2011, Zoey was a stray on the streets of Albuquerque, New Mexico. But you’d never know it from her abounding joy. She wants nothing more than to please you and to be your gal. She loves snuggling and car rides. She’s been working hard to learn how to greet people without jumping up. She’s been doing well having play dates with other dogs. Zoey has a slight paralysis of the tongue, but she eats wet and dry kibble just fine. If you need some zest in your life, meet Zoey. She’ll put a spring in your step on long, adventuresome walks. Zoey even has a generous sponsor who will cover her adoption fees. Zoey is available at Best Friends Animal Society’s Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Click HERE for her profile.

Image source: Best Friends
Image source: Best Friends

#3. Scrappie

Scrappie is a very sweet, curious dog. He is energetic, smart, has a good appetite and loves to play! He is a  unique mix of miniature pinscher/beagle and around 1 years old. He is available for adoption from Best Friends Animal Society New York. Click HERE for his profile, email or call 347-76ADOPT.

Image source: Best Friends
Image source: Best Friends

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