Animal Shelter Saves The Day After Dog’s Human Is Hospitalized

When someone is admitted to the hospital, their dogs are often left behind. Not everyone has family or friends nearby to care for them, which can cause long-term hospital patients to lose their furry friends.

Cincinnati Animal CARE is one of the many animal shelters that know how important it is for dogs to stay with their loving humans through every up and down in life. So, when a dog parent was admitted to the hospital for an unknown amount of time, they made sure the dog wasn’t neglected. The shelter staff stepped up and offered the dog the transportation and love she needed.

Animal Ark Pet Resort
Image: @AnimalArkPet3/Twitter

Answering a Patient’s Prayers

A patient was admitted to an Ohio hospital without knowing how long they’d be there. The biggest worry they had was how their dog would survive. They said they were desperate not to lose their beloved dog, who was at home alone. The patient arranged for their furry friend to be boarded at Animal Ark Pet Resort, but they had no one to transport the dog there.

So, a hospital social worker decided to help. They reached out to Cincinnati Animal CARE, a no-kill shelter in the area, to see if there was anything they could do to help. The shelter’s community support department, along with the Hamilton County Dog Wardens, stepped up to help the confused canine.

An officer with the shelter picked up the dog and brought her to the pet resort as planned. Of course, he made sure she received plenty of love first.

Shelter staff walking dog
Image: @CincyAnimalCARE/Facebook

“Our officer was able to enter the home, calm a confused dog, take her for a nice walk, and we transported her to her boarding facility where she’s waiting for her human to be released from the hospital,” Cincinnati Animal CARE wrote on Facebook.

Providing Loving Care

In addition to the shelter, Animal Ark Pet Resort also deserves lots of recognition. They offered to take the patient’s pup despite the uncertainty of the future. They said that the dog has been a sweet girl so far, and the staff is giving her lots of love.

“We find ourselves in unique situations everyday. We say that as the shelter and as humans. You never know what might happen,” wrote Cincinnati Animal CARE.

Shelter staff and dog in need
Image: @CincyAnimalCARE/Facebook

Hopefully, the patient will be healthy and headed home soon. But in the meantime, it’s nice to know that his best friend is in good hands. It’s amazing what can happen when a group of dedicated dog lovers work together.

Featured Image: @CincyAnimalCARE/Facebook

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