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Army Private Reuinited With Dog After “Friend” Gave Him Away


Army Pvt. Katelyn Gallagher loves her dog, Buck. The 5- year-old Bloodhound was a part of her life for many years, but when she left for a 9-month training program she had to leave him behind in the care of a friend. It turns out, however, that this friend wasn’t much of a friend at all. When Gallagher returned in December while on leave from the program, she was astonished to find that this “friend” had given Buck away to another family and would not tell Gallagher where he was. Needless to say, it took an emotional toll on Gallagher and her family.

She went immediately and filed a report at Cleveland’s second district police station and a charge was filed against the man who gave Buck away. Finally, at the end of February and a long court battle, Buck was returned to Gallagher.  The criminal charges were then dismissed. “I did not want to fight,” Gallagher told Fox8 Cleveland. “I didn’t want to battle. I didn’t want other people to be hurt. I just wanted my boy back, that’s all.”



Thankfully Buck is back home with his family where he belongs and Gallagher cannot be happier. Her attorney, Paul Cristallo, was a great help according to Gallagher and is happy to see the two reunited. Gallagher’s brother, Terry McCready, also says that it’s good to see them together again and that the two are inseparable. “When you see Katelyn, you see Buck,” he says. Hopefully these two won’t go through any more obstacles to enjoy the rest of their days together.

Written by Katie Finlay
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