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The 10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers To Protect Your Ride

Written by: Kelli Brinegar
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| Published on May 31, 2023
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The best dog car seat covers will keep your vehicle clean and protected when riding with your dog, no matter how dirty they’ve gotten from your adventures together! As one of the most helpful pet products you can buy, car seat covers for dogs shield your car’s upholstery from dirt, dog hair, and scratches and provide a comfortable and secure space for your pup during car rides.

In this article, we’ve curated a list of the best dog car seat covers available, considering factors such as durability, ease of installation, comfort, and overall customer satisfaction. We’ve also included a section of frequently asked questions about car seat covers to help cover all your bases. Whether you have a small or large dog, these car seat covers are sure to make your journeys with your four-legged companion more enjoyable and worry-free.

best dog car seat covers

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Dog Car Seat Covers

With a wide range of options available, choosing the best dog car seat cover can be overwhelming. To help you make an informed decision, here are some key factors to consider:

Size and Fit

Before purchasing a dog car seat cover, measure your car’s seats or cargo area to ensure a proper fit. Look for covers that offer a universal fit or specific measurements to match your vehicle. Consider the size of your dog as well, as larger dogs may require larger seat covers or hammock-style designs for added space and comfort.

Nonslip and Secure Fit

A dog car seat cover should have nonslip backing or additional features like seat anchors, adjustable straps, or buckles to keep the cover securely in place during car rides. This prevents the cover from sliding or bunching up, ensuring your dog stays safe and comfortable.

Ease of Installation and Cleaning

Choose a dog car seat cover that’s easy to install and remove. Covers with adjustable straps or quick-release clips typically allow for effortless installation and a snug fit. Additionally, opt for machine washable or easy-to-wipe clean covers to save you time and effort in maintaining cleanliness.

Pet Comfort and Safety

Your dog’s comfort and safety are paramount. Look for seat covers with soft padding or quilted designs that provide a comfortable surface for your dog to sit or lie on during travel. Consider covers with seat belt openings or compatibility with pet restraints to ensure your dog remains secure while on the road.

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Material and Durability

The material of the dog car seat cover plays a vital role in its durability and performance. Opt for covers made from high-quality, waterproof, and scratch-resistant materials such as polyester or Oxford fabric with a protective coating. These materials are not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain.

Protection and Design

Look for seat covers that offer comprehensive protection for your car seats. Consider features such as quilted patterns, padding, and side flaps that provide added protection against dirt, spills, scratches, and pet hair. Covers with hammock-style designs also create a barrier to prevent your dog from accessing the front seats or cargo area.

Versatility and Additional Features

Some dog car seat covers offer additional features that enhance versatility and convenience. Look for covers with storage pockets to keep dog essentials or seat belt openings that allow human passengers to buckle up. Adjustable configurations, such as convertible hammocks or split-style covers, provide flexibility for different seating arrangements.

User Reviews and Recommendations

Before making a purchase, read user reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences and satisfaction of other dog parents. Pay attention to feedback on the cover’s quality, durability, ease of use, and customer service. Recommendations from trusted sources, friends, or veterinarians can also help guide your decision.

Budget Considerations

Set a budget for your dog’s car seat cover and find a balance between quality, features, and affordability. While it’s essential to invest in a durable and reliable cover, there are options available at various price points to suit different budgets.

By considering these factors and your specific needs, you’ll be able to choose the best dog car seat cover for your dog and vehicle. Remember to prioritize safety, durability, comfort, and ease of use to make your travel experiences with your four-legged companion enjoyable and worry-free.

Our 10 Top Picks For the Best Dog Car Seat Covers in 2023

1 – FunnyFuzzy Dog Bed Car Seat

FunnyFuzzy Dog Bed Car Seat
  • Oxford 600D waterproof coating
  • Plush polyfil cushioning
  • Bolster edge for comfort and safety
  • Non-slip rubber backing and anti-slip anchors

FunnyFuzzy’s Dog Bed Car Seat is a remarkable fusion of comfort and functionality, aimed at pet parents who frequently travel with their canine companions. This innovative product not only provides a cozy resting space with a plush bolster but also ensures your car stays clean. The bed’s polyfil cushioning is undeniably comfortable, while the waterproof coating protects against wet messes. Anti-slip seat anchors and rubber backing work together to keep the cover in place no matter how much your dog wiggles and squirms. It’s a car seat cover that strikes a perfect balance between luxury and safety, making journeys more pleasurable for both you and your dog.


  • Ensures comfort during travel
  • Suitable for most car types
  • Waterproof for mess protection
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Stands up to dog nails
  • Affordably priced


  • Might be restrictive for larger breeds

2 – Meadowlark XL Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover

Meadowlark XL Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover
  • Bench-style cover with quilted double stitching
  • 4 layers of waterproof polyester, cotton, & rubber
  • Includes nonslip backing and 2 seat anchors
  • Available in two generous sizes

The Meadowlark XL Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover is a premium seat cover that features a hammock design, ensuring your furry friend stays in place during car rides. It is made from durable and waterproof polyester materials, offering excellent protection against dirt, spills, and dog hair. With its easy installation, adjustable straps, and nonslip backing, the Meadowlark XL Premium Hammock Dog Car Seat Cover is the perfect solution for keeping your car clean and your dog safe and comfortable on the go.


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Water repellant
  • Doesn’t slide around
  • Looks attractive


  • More expensive than competitors

3 – iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers
  • Waterproof polyester & nonslip PVC material
  • Rubberized anti-slide bottom
  • Extra durable zippered side flaps
  • Available in Standard & Truck sizes
  • Choose from 3 colors

The iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover has a mesh ventilation window that allows for great airflow to keep your pup cool. It also helps reduce anxiety as your dog can see you through the mesh. This hammock car seat is made from waterproof Oxford fabric that’s been padded and quilted for better protection and more comfort. The nonslip backing keeps the cover in place so your dog won’t slip and slide around the backseat.


    • Durable, anti-slip material
    • Easy to install
    • Machine washable & can be vacuumed
    • Side flaps for full seat protection
    • Seat belt openings
    • Comfortable for dogs of all sizes


    • Weak straps break easily
    • A bit expensive

    4 – njnj Dog Car Seat Cover

    njnj Dog Car Seat Cover
    • 100% waterproof 600D high-quality Oxford cloth
    • Built-in nonslip backing & seat anchors
    • Secure the elastic side zipper around seat corners.
    • Offers a universal fit & choice of 3 colors

    This stylish seat for dogs helps keep furry ones confined to a small, comfortable space while riding in the car. Made from waterproof fabric, it’s strong, durable and has tons of straps and anchoring equipment to ensure extra security. Premium Oxford cloth protects seats from wet and muddy spills and offers a pleasing appearance. Plus, this option allows the use of your backseat armrest while in use.


    • Clean design and fit
    • Seat cover can turn into a hammock
    • Locks into seatbelt buckles
    • Waterproof layer to protect your seats
    • Quilted top is comfortable for your dog
    • Machine washable on gentle cycle


    • Can be tricky to find a good fit

    5 – URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover

    URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover
    • Constructed with 4-layers of waterproof fabric
    • 4 adjustable clips keep the dog hammock securely in place
    • Velcro openings for seatbelt access
    • Available in 3 sizes & 6 colors

    The URPOWER Dog Seat Cover features a hammock-style design that covers the back seat area and extends to the front seat headrests. It also includes zippered side flaps to protect doors. A four-layer construction of Oxford 600D cloth with PVC, polyester, and a nonslip rubber backing will keep wet messes from ruining vehicle upholstery. And it’s machine washable.


    • Versatile design
    • Durable and waterproof
    • Multiple color options
    • Easy installation and cleaning
    • Highly rated on Amazon by thousands of users


    • Doesn’t fit all vehicles
    • Tight fit in larger vehicles

    6 – Orvis Grip-Tight Microfiber Car Seat Cover

    Orvis Grip-Tight Microfiber Car Seat Cover
    • Quilted microfiber full backseat cover
    • Easy installation
    • Grip-Tight backing holds cover in place
    • Available in 2 sizes & 2 colors

    Comfortable and durable, Orvis’s microfiber backseat cover for dogs is water-resistant to protect your seats and breathable to keep your dog cool and comfy. The Grip-Tight nonslip backing prevents shifting, while innovative handles hold the protector firmly in place even as your dog gets in and out of the car. Features slits for threading seat belts through. The streamlined, convenient design attaches quickly and easily to the rear headrests with adjustable nylon straps and side-release buckles. Adjustable headrests are required for installation.


    • Quilted design
    • Grip-Tight backing
    • Waterproof and easy to clean
    • Sleek fit


    • Pricey

    7 – Active Pets Front Seat Dog Cover

    Active Pets Front Seat Dog Cover
    • Front car seat cover for dogs
    • 4-layer protection with waterproof Oxford cloth
    • PVC Nonslip rubber backing
    • Universally sized & available in 4 colors

    The Active Pets Front Seat Dog Cover slips over your front car seat easily and stays secure thanks to the headrest and midseat snap buckle. Crafted with a top layer of premium 600D Oxford waterproof cotton and a middle layer of Oxford 210D with waterproof coating, this cover protects seats from dirt and wet spills yet remains easy to clean. Wipe it down with a damp cloth or give it a vacuum


    • Nonslip backing and anchors
    • Universal fit and versatility
    • Quilted design and padding
    • Affordably priced
    • Waterproof and scratch-resistant material


    • For front seats or bucket-style backseats only

    8 – 4Knines Dog Seat Cover

    4Knines Dog Seat Cover
    • Heavy-duty, colorfast 600D polyester with K9-SHIELD
    • Thick UV-coated straps & durable nylon clips
    • No azo dyes or heavy chemicals
    • Velcro seat belt openings
    • Available in 2 sizes

    This best dog seat cover is constructed from heavy-duty, waterproof, and scratch-resistant 600D polyester with a UV-resistant coating. This robust fabric helps shield your car seats from spills, stains, dirt, scratches, and fur, ensuring long-lasting protection. The 4Knines Dog Seat Cover has a nonslip backing that helps keep it securely in place, preventing any shifting or sliding during travel. Additionally, seat anchors and adjustable straps ensure a snug fit and prevent the cover from bunching up. The seat cover features a quilted pattern that enhances visual appeal and provides added comfort for your dog. The thick padding offers a cozy and cushioned surface, making car rides more enjoyable for your furry friend.


    • Comes in 2 sizes and 3 colors
    • Nonslip backing and colorfast material
    • Quilted and padded
    • Fits most cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks
    • Durable against dog nails


    • Not for destructive dogs or those who like to chew

    9 – VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover

    VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover
    • Bench-style dog car seat cover
    • 2 seat anchors, 2 headrest straps, 2 seat corner straps
    • Anti-slip mesh backing
    • Waterproof, durable, and machine washable
    • Available in 2 sizes & 6 colors

    The VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover is a bench-style dog car seat cover made from scratch-proof and waterproof rubber materials. It installs securely and stays in place thanks to two seat anchors, two headrest straps, and the addition of two wide elastic straps that slip over the corners of your backseat. And when this quilted cover gets dirty, wipe it down or toss it in the washing machine. 


    • Thick cover that stands up to busy dogs
    • Quilted and padded
    • Fits most cars, vans, SUVs, and trucks
    • Durable against dog nails


    • Covers up the middle seatbelt
    • More expensive than competitors

    10 – F-color SUV Cargo Dog Seat Cover

    F-color SUV Cargo Dog Seat Cover
    • Cargo area liner for SUVs & vans
    • 4-layers wear-resistant 600D oxford fabric
    • Adjustable straps, buckles, & suction cups for quick installation
    • Equipped with a nonslip backing
    • Available in 3 sizes & multiple colors

    The F-color SUV Cargo Dog Seat Cover is designed for universal fit but does offer additional sizing for larger vehicles. Not only does it cover the floor of the cargo area, but this cover also has two side flaps to protect the car sidewall, and a bumper flap withstands dog claws during entry and exit of the vehicle. And it’s made with four layers of protection crafted from water-resistant Oxford cloth and polyester and finished with an EVA nonslip backing. 

    • Cargo area liner for SUVs & vans
    • 4-layers wear-resistant 600D oxford fabric
    • Adjustable straps, buckles, & suction cups for quick installation
    • Equipped with a nonslip backing
    • Available in 3 sizes & multiple colors


    • Nonslip bottom
    • Bumper coverage
    • Water-resistant
    • Available in a variety of colors


    • The suction cup feature could be more secure
    • Not machine washable

    best dog car seat covers

    FAQs Related To The Best Car Seat Covers For Dogs

    Do dog car seat covers work?

    Yes, dog car seat covers are designed to protect your car seats from various issues such as dirt, spills, scratches, and hair. They create a barrier between your dog and the seats, preventing damage and making cleaning much easier. Additionally, many seat covers are made of durable and waterproof materials that provide reliable protection. By using a dog car seat cover, you can help maintain the cleanliness and condition of your car seats while ensuring the comfort and safety of your dog during travel.

    Are dog seat covers safe?

    Yes, dog seat covers are safe when used correctly. They provide a protective barrier for your car seats, preventing damage or staining when your pup is wet, dirty, or muddy. Additionally, many seat covers offer features like seat belt openings to ensure your dog remains secure during travel.

    What is the safest seat for a dog in a car?

    While choosing which option will be the best car seat cover for dogs comes down to the needs of your family, bear in mind the safest spot for a dog to ride is in the back seat of the car. Placing your dog in the back seat reduces the risk of injury in case of an accident. It’s recommended to use a dog car seat or a secure crate in the back seat, along with a harness or seat belt attachment to keep your dog safely restrained during travel.

    Do dog seat covers damage seats?

    When used correctly, dog seat covers should not damage your car seats. In fact, they’re designed to protect your seats from potential damage caused by your dog. Most seat covers are made from durable and waterproof materials, such as Oxford cloth and quilted fabrics like nylon and polyester, that are gentle on the seats while providing a protective barrier. However, it’s important to ensure the seat cover you choose fits properly in your vehicle, has a nonslip backing, and is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent any potential damage. Regularly cleaning the seat covers and checking for any signs of wear can also help maintain the condition of your car seats.

    What should I look for in a dog car seat cover?

    When looking for a dog car seat cover, consider factors such as size and fit to ensure it matches your car’s seats or cargo area. Look for durable, waterproof materials that are easy to clean. Ensure stability with nonslip backing and secure attachments. Additional features like quilted patterns, padding, and side flaps also offer enhanced protection. Consider your dog’s comfort and safety, and look for seat belt openings or compatibility with pet restraints. User reviews and recommendations can also guide your decision-making process.

    best dog car seat covers


    The factors have been discussed, and the questions answered. Now it’s time to time to choose which of these best dog car seat covers will best suit your needs. Any of these options were designed to enhance your dog’s travel experience while keeping your vehicle clean and damage-free, so no matter which one you get, you’ll soon be enjoying worry-free adventures with your four-legged friend!

    iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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