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10 Best Dog Gates for Labradoodles

Written by: Inah Sagun
| Published on April 11, 2023
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There is a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend. It’s because they’re adorable and great at making everyone smile. Yet, unattended, free-roaming dogs can get into trouble, so the best dog gates for Labradoodles are a great way to confine them when needed.

Sometimes dogs can hurt themselves, disturb dog-shy people, or damage fragile furniture when given the run of their home. The right dog gate can keep your Labradoodle in a safe environment without restricting their movement the way a tether would.

best dog gate for Labradoodles

If you’ve been looking for a gate for your dog, you have come to the right place. This article will cover the ten best dog gates for Labradoodles to buy by sharing a variety of beneficial features.

Best Dog Gates for Labradoodles

1. Cumbor 46″ Safety Gate for Dogs

Dog gate by stairs

The Cumbor gate is one of the best dog gates. It can be extended up to 46 inches in width and comes in two heights: 30.5 inches and 36 inches. If you have a large dog, the taller height will be more suitable.

The gate can be placed at entrances and before stairs to make sure your Labradoodle doesn’t get hurt or disturb you. The locks on the gate cannot be easily opened, and therefore, your kids won’t be able to let the dogs out. The door swings on both sides and closes automatically, adding to the overall security.

The gate is made of reinforced carbon steel and can contain 150 pounds. So, even stronger dogs like Huskies or Labradors cannot escape by pushing. The installation process of the door does not require hard work and can be done without any tools. The best part about the gate is that it won the Mom’s Choice Award for 2022, proving that it delivers what it claims.


  • 150-pound impact protection
  • Multiple height options available
  • No tools needed for installation
  • Door swings in both directions
  • Child-safe lock
  • Adjustable width


  • Small dogs might get their head stuck in it

2. Cardinal Stairway Dog Gate

Dog gate product

Cardinal is another powerful and popular dog gate product. The best place to install it is near stairways, but it will work just fine anywhere around your house. Adults can open the gate using one hand, but kids cannot. Setting this gate up can be done by one person with no special equipment.

The width can be adjusted anywhere between 27 and 42.5 inches, while the gate height is 29.5 inches. The lightweight metal gate can be easily moved and provides a tremendous impact force, ensuring the safety of your Labradoodles, children, and furniture. Using this dog gate is also a great way to get peaceful time to yourself.


  • Easy to install
  • One-hand operation
  • Child-safe
  • Adjustable width


  • Not for tall dogs
  • Can be operated by older kids

3. Regalo 192″ Super Wide Dog Gate

Extra wide baby gate

The name of the gate describes its most popular feature: its width. The 192-inch-wide and 28-inch-tall Regalo dog gate makes clear boundaries for your Labradoodles and children, so both remain safe and out of trouble. The wide gate can also be used as a round playpen or a boundary for dangerous areas like the fireplace.

This dog gate is suitable for your entire house. It can be put in hallways, before stairs, inside rooms, and in the backyard. Plus, it can easily be folded and stored after use. This is a walk-through gate that can be locked for safety. The body is made of solid metal to provide the required sturdiness for maximum security.


  • 192 inches wide
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Strong metal body
  • Creates a boundary, fence, or playpen
  • Safety locking feature


  • Not for large dogs
  • Joints can disconnect easily

4. Toddleroo Dog Gates

Woman opening baby gate

This dog gate is by one of the most popular companies, North States, which has been selling gates for a long time. This product has everything that you could expect. The gate swings swiftly and the locks keep your Labradoodle from disturbing you, your furniture, or your children. The gate is built with a high-quality metal that’s wall-mounted. It’s adjustable, so it can fit openings between 28.68 and 47.85 inches wide.

On this gate, the lock system and the safety latch design are highly safe for all family members. The gate is solid and cannot be easily climbed. The design is simple and elegant, and it comes in a matte bronze finish at a great price. Overall, the dog gate is useful, economical, and long-lasting.


  • Solid metal body
  • Safety latch design
  • Simple and economical
  • Adjustable width


  • Requires hardware for installment

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5. MYPET Dog Gate

North States dog gate

This is another dog gate by North States, and like the other product, this one also provides the safety you expect. The dog gate makes sure your Labradoodle doesn’t go anywhere you don’t allow them to go and it keeps your home and children safe.

The gate can be easily operated with one hand by adults. Yet, the gate is pressure-mounted and comes with triple-locking safety making sure kids cannot open it.

The body of the gate is made of strong metal and it comes in a matte bronze finish. The door moves swiftly and, on both sides, easily. It can fit any opening between 28.25 and 38.25 inches wide.


  • Triple-locking security system
  • Strong metal material
  • One-hand operation
  • Door swings in both directions
  • Adjustable width


  • Not a good pick for tall dogs


    6. Carlson Walk Through Dog Gate

    Walk-through pet gate

    The Carlson dog gate is a great product that fits widths between 29 and 36.5 inches. It can easily fit in front of your staircase, hallways, and rooms to prevent your Labradoodle from getting into trouble.

    The height of the gate is good enough to stop an average-sized dog while there is a small pet door so cats can pass through if needed. Tall dogs might be able to jump over it, but most of them probably won’t attempt to. The lock system is effective and present on both openings.

    The installation is simple and requires no tools. The solid steel body of the door is durable and powerful to provide a high impact force while still being lightweight. Plus, the finishes are non-toxic and attractive. It’s not only good for dogs but can also prevent cats and babies from going somewhere you don’t want.


    • Simple installation
    • Durable body
    • Adjustable width
    • Has a small door for cats
    • Safety-lock feature


    • Small gate cannot stay open

    7. Richell Freestanding Dog Gate

    Freestanding dog gate

    This dog gate by Richell is specially made for puppies and smaller dog breeds. With this product, there’s no need to lift heavy gates or spend hours installing gates. There’s no installation needed because it free-stands wherever you want it to. So, this is probably the most minimalistic and convenient gate on the list.

    The dog gate is made of wood and is lightweight. The build quality is solid, and the gate won’t easily get damaged. Then, the rubber feet prevent Labradoodles from pushing it and protect the floor too.

    You can use it whenever or wherever you want, and when it’s not in use, you can fold and store it. Overall, there’s very little effort involved in using this dog gate.


    • No installation required
    • Stands on its own
    • Foldable and lightweight
    • Solid build
    • Rubber feet


    • Only for small dogs

    8. Midwest Steel Dog Gate

    Midwest Pet Gate

    This Midwest steel pet gate has most of the necessary dog gate features at a reasonable price. There are two height options available in this dog gate: 29 inches and 39 inches. Buyers can choose the one that suits their dog’s height and jumping capacity. Both options can extend to a maximum width of 38 inches. So, it covers a vast distance and is very effective in containing your Labradoodle.

    All you need to do is place the gate in the selected doorway and tighten the knobs. The rubber knobs have a tight grip and keep your walls safe. When fully tight, there’s no space for your Labradoodle to squeeze through. The gate’s body is made of durable steel. Adults can open the gate with one hand, and the spring-loaded latch keeps the door closed. The body of the gate is non-toxic, works swiftly, and is safe to use.


    • Sturdy body
    • Assembles effortlessly
    • Effective and safe
    • Adjustable width
    • Multiple height options


    • Creaks loudly when used
    • Less durable

    Wiscky Retractable Baby Dog Gate

    Retractable dog gate

    The Wiscky dog gate is a great option for Labradoodle parents that don’t want a gate always visible. The best thing about the gate is that even though it is 59 inches wide and 33 inches tall, it doesn’t cost you a lot of space. This is because it can retract when not in use, so it will be out of the way without you needing to move it. The greater volume of the gate ensures that your Labradoodle remains where you leave them.

    This gate is made of mesh that is tough but easily foldable. With the door locked in place, Labradoodles can be protected from falling down the stairs and entering unsafe rooms. The mesh lining gate is only strong enough for dogs up to 40 pounds. One-handed operation makes it easy to cross with one hand full. Just press, twist, and pull to open. It locks as soon as it’s released.

    The door is designed from soft mesh to ensure your Labradoodle or children are not harmed. There are no toxic items used, so you can feel at ease using it. Overall, it’s safe, efficient, and beneficial.


    • Good build quality
    • Easy to assemble
    • Doesn’t take up space when not in use
    • Convenient
    • Door locks in place
    • One-hand operation


    • Not strong enough for large dogs
    • Cannot be installed without drilling

    10. Carlson Super Wide Outdoor Dog Gate

    Wide outdoor dog gate

    The last dog gate on this list is a super-wide gate made for outdoors by Carlson, a popular name. The entire package is a set of 6 smaller gates of 24-inch width each, which assemble to form a super-wide gate (144 inches) that can be set up outdoors for your Labradoodles. The dog gate comes in three different height options to cater to a large number of Labradoodle parents. The height options are 28, 33.25, or 36 inches.

    There’s no compromise on the quality of the build, and it’s durable. A small gate is available for the convenient passing of your dog whenever required. The product gate can be folded easily, so storage is not a problem with this one. The safety lock feature in the door ensures that your Labradoodles will stay secure.


    • Extremely wide
    • Good for outdoors
    • Sturdy metal body
    • Three height options
    • Foldable and easy to store


    • Assembling and dissembling take time

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    Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Gate for your Labradoodle

    The purpose of pet gates is to provide necessary security to your Labradoodles, house, and children. Below are some of the things you should consider before buying one.


    It’s always a great idea to measure your dog and consider the height of their jumps. You should also measure the doorway you want to put the gate in. Then, you can be certain of what size dog gate to buy and in no way compromise your security. Even if the gate has all the necessary features, it’s useless if your Labradoodle can squeeze past it or jump over it.

    Adjustable or Fixed

    This is another major thing to consider when buying a gate for your Labradoodle. It’s better to buy an adjustable gate so it can fit in a variety of spaces. That way, you can change the area you want to confine your pet to.

    However, if you’re planning on always keeping your dog in the same area, you can buy a product that is mounted to one spot. It will remain fixed but can open and close as needed.

    Material Type

    You cannot buy a product without considering its material. The material’s durability can determine how well it will contain your Labradoodle. Some dogs can easily damage wooden gates. Plastic and rubber parts are sometimes present, which can also be easily damaged by dogs. So, if you have a heavy chewer, choose a gate with a strong material.

    Weight and Durability

    These things cannot be ignored when buying a gate. If your dog is small and not very powerful, then there’s nothing wrong with a lightweight gate. But if the opposite is true, you better buy heavier gates with maximum impact force. Metals are way more durable than wood and other gate materials, so for a lengthier life, metal is a good choice.


    Dog gates are a basic need for many Labradoodle parents. They allow you to keep furniture, kids, and dog-shy people away from pets and prevent dogs from getting into trouble. If you have to leave your Labradoodle alone but don’t feel comfortable giving them free roam, a dog gate is a safe and convenient option. That way, your Labradoodle can play, sleep, and sit comfortably for long periods without damaging anything in the house.

    In this guide, we went through some of the best dog gates for Labradoodles on the market and looked at crucial features. All these gates are available on Amazon, and the added pros and cons are based on reviews. Before choosing a product for your Labradoodle, consider all the factors to decide which one fits your needs best.

    iHeartDogs is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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