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7 Best Glow in the Dark Dog Toys

Written by: Arlene D.
| Published on August 1, 2023
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As a dog owner, nothing compares to the joy of seeing your beloved pet having fun, and it doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down. If you’re looking for a way to keep the playtime going into the evening, glow-in-the-dark dog toys are the perfect solution. These toys are designed not only to entertain but also to enhance your pet’s safety during nighttime play. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best glow-in-the-dark dog toys that will bring endless fun and safety to your dog’s night-time activities.


#1 – Chuckit Max Glow Ball Dog Toy, Large (3 Inch Diameter) for Dogs 60-100 lbs, Pack of 1

The Chuckit Max Glow Ball Dog Toy is a large, 3-inch diameter rubber ball that glows in the dark, allowing for nighttime play with your dog. The ball is bouncy and has a grip-able texture, making it enjoyable for your dog to play with. It does not require batteries or cords to glow, and 5 minutes of exposure to a bright light provides 20 to 30 minutes of glowing playtime. The ball is designed for dogs weighing 60-100lbs and fits all large Chuckit Launchers. As part of the Chuckit Performance toy line, this product aims to enhance the bond between humans and their pets and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor interactive dog toys.


#2 – ChuckIt! Zipflight Flyer Dog Frisbee Toy Floats; Gentle On Dog’s Teeth And Gums; Glow In The Dark Medium

The ChuckIt! Zipflight Flyer Dog Frisbee Toy is a versatile toy designed for engaging with dogs during nighttime play. The frisbee is lightweight and made with safe, photo-luminescent material that charges in minutes under sunlight or a flashlight for up to 20 minutes of illuminated play. The product is part of a line of pet toys from Chuckit! that aims to enhance the bond between humans and their furry friends.


#3 –  QDAN Glow in The Dark Dog Toys Soccer Ball with Straps, Interactive Dog Toys Puppy Birthday Gifts, Dog Tug Water Toy, Indoor/Outdoor Light Up Dog Balls for Small & Medium Dogs(8 Inch Size 3)

The QDAN Glow in The Dark Dog Toys Soccer Ball with Straps is a durable and soft dog toy made of premium PU material. It features nylon tabs sewn into the seams for an erratic bounce that dogs love. The ball also glows in the dark after being illuminated, providing hours of fun for dogs and their owners. Additionally, the ball can be used for water play and comes with a long rope for easy handling.


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#4 – LaRoo LED Dog Balls -USB Rechargeable Dog LED Ball Interactive Dog Toy Ball Light up Peppy Pet Ball Glow in The Dark Ball Toy Dog Tennis Balls Busy Ball for Dogs Small Medium Dog Toys Glow Ball

The LaRoo LED Dog Ball is a rechargeable and interactive toy designed to provide enjoyable playtime for dogs. Made with high-quality, food-grade silicone material, the ball is safe for dogs to chew on. It features a unique design with a fully-wrapped battery for waterproof performance and grooves to help clean dogs’ teeth. The ball has an inductive lighting mode that glows for 40 seconds with each touch, making it flexible and power-saving. Recharging the ball is simple with the included USB cable. Note that the ball is suitable for small and medium-sized dogs.


#5 – Jolly Pets Jumper Dog Toy Balls, Large, Glow in The Dark

The Jolly Pets Jumper Dog Toy Balls are large, glow-in-the-dark balls specifically designed for dogs weighing over 30 pounds. Measuring 4 inches in diameter, these balls provide a playful and erratic bounce during fetch. They also feature a hollow center that can be stuffed with treats as a reward, and the rubber knobs on the ball promote a high bounce while gently massaging the dog’s gums. This durable ball is an ideal choice for games of catch and fetch.


#6 – Xiying Dog Glow Ball, Dog Dark Glow Ball Toy 2.5inch Pack of 2

The Xiying Dog Glow Ball is a non-toxic and safe toy made of glow-in-the-dark TPR material. It can stay under sunlight for about 5 minutes and provide approximately 20 minutes of playtime in dark areas. With its 2.5-inch size, it is perfect for a fetch game between you and your dog. The toy is easy to clean and does not require batteries. It is also compatible with a launcher for added convenience.


#7 – Fetch & Glow Ball Medium, (Assorted)

The Fetch & Glow Ball Medium is a toy designed for smaller dogs. It is made of durable, non-toxic materials and is easy to clean. The ball also glows in the dark, making it suitable for both day and night play. Additionally, it is waterproof and floats, adding to its versatility as a fun outdoor toy.


What Should I Look For When Choosing a Glow in the Dark or Light Up Dog Toys?

When selecting a glow-in-the-dark or light-up dog toy, several factors should be considered.

  1. Durability: The toy should be sturdy enough to withstand your dog’s bites and rough play without breaking apart. Look for products made from durable materials that can resist wear and tear.
  2. Brightness: The glow or light-up feature needs to be bright enough to be easily seen in the dark. Some toys come with LED lights, while others use phosphorescent material.
  3. Battery Life (for light-up toys): If the toy is battery-powered, consider the life of the battery and how easy it is to replace it. Some toys come with rechargeable batteries, which can be more economical in the long run.
  4. Size: The toy’s size should be appropriate for your dog. If it’s too big, your dog might struggle to play with it, while if it’s too small, it can be a choking hazard.
  5. Safety: Check if the toy is made from non-toxic materials. Also, the design should not pose any risk of choking or injury.
  6. Water Resistance: If you plan to use the toy outside or in wet conditions, make sure it’s water-resistant or waterproof.

Remember, the best toy is one that suits your dog’s size, play style, and preferences while being safe and durable.


Frequently Asked Questions About Glow in The Dark Dog Toys

  1. What is a glow in the dark dog toy? A glow in the dark dog toy is a plaything for dogs that emits light in the dark. This can be due to phosphorescent materials that absorb light and emit it slowly, or LED components that actively emit light when turned on. They’re great for evening play sessions and can make it easier for your dog to find their toy in low light conditions.
  2. Is glow in the dark dog toys safe? Yes, glow in the dark dog toys are generally safe, as long as they are made from non-toxic materials and appropriately sized to prevent choking. However, as with any toy, they should always be used under supervision and regularly checked for any signs of wear and tear.
  3. How long do glow in the dark dog toys last? The glow duration depends on the type of toy and its light-emitting components. Those using phosphorescent materials might glow for a few hours after being exposed to light, while LED-based toys depend on their battery life, which could range from a few hours to several days depending on usage.
  4. How do I clean a glow in the dark dog toy? Cleaning a glow in the dark dog toy is similar to cleaning regular dog toys. Wipe it down with a mild soap and warm water, then rinse and let it dry. However, for battery-operated toys, avoid submerging them in water and follow manufacturer instructions.
  5. Is glow in dark dog toys waterproof? Not all glow in the dark dog toys are waterproof. Those that are, generally use LED lights and are sealed to prevent water damage. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a toy’s water-resistance level.
  6. Do glow in the dark dog toys need batteries? Some do, some don’t. Toys that use phosphorescent materials do not need batteries—they glow after being exposed to light. However, toys that use LED lights do require batteries to operate.
  7. Can I use a glow-in-the-dark dog toy for training? Absolutely! Glow-in-the-dark dog toys can be a fun and useful tool for training, especially fetch-related exercises during dawn or dusk hours. They can also stimulate your dog’s senses and keep them engaged during the training session.
  8. Will a glow-in-the-dark toy help my dog with night vision? Glow-in-the-dark toys won’t improve your dog’s night vision, but they can make playtime easier and more fun in low-light conditions. Dogs see better in the dark than humans do, but a glowing toy can make it even easier for them to locate.
  9. Are glow-in-the-dark dog toys suitable for all breeds? Glow-in-the-dark toys can be suitable for all breeds, as long as the size and toughness of the toy match the size and playstyle of the dog. Larger breeds may require more durable toys, while smaller breeds may prefer smaller, lighter options.
  10. Can glow-in-the-dark dog toys be used indoors? Yes, they can be used indoors, especially in dimly lit areas. However, make sure there’s enough space for your dog to play safely without knocking into furniture or causing damage.

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Conclusion: Best Glow in the Dark Dog Toys

We’ve looked at a range of glow-in-the-dark dog toys that offer fun, engagement, and safety for your furry friend during those twilight playtimes. Whether you prefer a glowing ball, a frisbee, or a fetch stick, these toys can keep the game going even after sunset. Remember, choosing the right toy not only promotes physical activity but also provides mental stimulation for your dog. So, let the fun continue, day or night, with these excellent glow-in-the-dark dog toys. Happy playing!

iHeartDogs is reader supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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