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11 Best Whitefish Dog Foods

Written by: Arlene Divina
Arlene Divina, one of the content writers at IHD, loves going on adventures with her adorable fur baby. She now creates informative content for pet parents. Read more
| Published on August 23, 2023
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Whitefish, often overlooked in the vast sea of dog food options, offers an array of nutritional benefits ideal for canines. As a lean protein source that’s naturally high in essential fatty acids, whitefish has become a sought-after ingredient for many dog owners searching for an alternative to traditional meats. This article will dive deep into the world of whitefish dog foods, highlighting the best choices that blend taste and nutrition to cater to our canine companions.


#1 – Zignature Whitefish Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food 4lb

Zignature Whitefish Limited Ingredient Formula Dry Dog Food is a 4lb bag of dog food made with high-quality whitefish as the main ingredient. Whitefish is known to be low in saturated fat and rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which can contribute to a healthy diet for dogs. This limited-ingredient formula may be a suitable choice for those looking to incorporate variety into their dog’s diet. The addition of vitamins, minerals, and probiotics further supports overall health and gut health in dogs.


#2 – Open Farm Catch-of-The-Season Whitefish Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, Sustainably Caught Fish Recipe with Non-GMO Superfoods and No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives, 4 lbs

Open Farm Catch-of-The-Season Whitefish Grain-Free Dry Dog Food is a sustainably caught fish recipe that is made with non-GMO superfoods and does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. The new packaging offers a cleaner and more refined look, while maintaining the same great flavor. This high-nutrient formula is backed by science and includes meaty natural protein, probiotic fiber, and Omega-3 fatty acids for optimal muscle development, digestion, and heart health. Open Farm is committed to transparency and allows owners to trace the origin of every ingredient using the lot number on the bag.


#3 – Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Whitefish & Potato Dog Food – Premium Dry Dog Food – Whitefish Recipe – 12 lb

Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Whitefish & Potato Dog Food is a premium dry dog food that contains a specialty entrée with whitefish, fish broth, sweet potatoes, potatoes, fruits, and vegetables. It is a family-owned and operated pet food company that has been around since 1904, dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals. The dog kibble contains high-quality whitefish, providing essential amino acids for various metabolic processes. It is suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, and the interchangeable recipes ensure a unique mealtime experience every day.


#4 – “I and love and you” Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food – Grain Free Kibble, Prebiotics & Probiotics, Whitefish + Salmon, 5-Pound

The “I and love and you” Nude Superfood Dry Dog Food is a grain-free dog food that includes additional superfoods like flaxseeds, coconut oil, and turmeric. It is made without fillers, GMOs, by-product meals, and artificial ingredients. The first ingredient is real meat, fish, or poultry, providing a high protein content. The food also includes digestive enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics for digestive health. Additionally, it contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. This product is suitable for dogs with allergies.


#5 – CANIDAE® Under The Sun® Grain Free Recipe Made with Real Whitefish Dog Dry 23.5 lbs.

CANIDAE® Under The Sun® Grain Free Recipe Made with Real Whitefish Dog Dry is a dog food product that is specifically designed for dogs with sensitivities. It is free of grains and potatoes, making it suitable for dogs with certain dietary restrictions. The product is also packed with nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables, providing essential vitamins and minerals. Overall, it is a grain-free and affordable option that meets the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for maintenance.


#6 – Zignature Whitefish Formula Wet Dog Food 13oz, case of 12

Zignature Whitefish Formula Wet Dog Food is a 13oz canned dog food option that is made with high-quality whitefish as the main ingredient. Whitefish is known to be low in saturated fat and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. This formula provides a high moisture content, at least 78%, which helps to support daily hydration for dogs. It is also a limited-ingredient formula, which makes it a potential choice for dogs on a rotational diet. Additionally, this dog food includes added vitamins and minerals to support overall health.


#7 – Halo Purely For Pets Halo Holistic Dog Food, Complete Digestive Health Wild-Caught Salmon and Whitefish Recipe, Dry Dog Food Bag, Small Breed Formula, 3.5-lb Bag

Halo Purely For Pets Halo Holistic Dog Food is a dry dog food specifically designed for small breed dogs. It contains real, whole salmon as the first ingredient and is formulated with higher protein for small breeds. The food also includes prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics for digestive health and immune support. Halo Holistic sources its fish from the Marine Stewardship Council and uses high-quality ingredients for optimal nutrition.


#8 – Wellness Natural Pet Food Wellness 95% Whitefish Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Dog Food, 13.2-Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

Wellness Natural Pet Food Wellness 95% Whitefish Natural Wet Grain Free Canned Dog Food is a grain-free, wet dog food option that is made with all-natural whitefish. It can be served as a mixer or topper with a complete and balanced diet. The pate is smooth and is made with high-quality protein sourced from whitefish, promoting a leaner body mass and muscle tone. This product is free from corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, and preservatives, and is made in Canada using wholesome, non-GMO ingredients.


#9 – Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Skin & Coat Natural Adult Wet Dog Food, Whitefish 12.5-oz cans (Pack of 12)

Blue Buffalo True Solutions Perfect Skin & Coat Natural Adult Wet Dog Food is a sensitive skin dog food made with natural ingredients recommended by veterinarians. It contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that are clinically proven to support healthy skin and a shiny coat. The high-quality whitefish used as the main ingredient is combined with fruits and vegetables to help care for your adult dog’s sensitive skin. The food is made without wheat as a thickener and does not contain chicken (or poultry) by-product meals, corn, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.


#10 – Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food, Salmon & Whitefish, 25-Pound

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry Dog Food is a natural dog food made with high-quality protein from a blend of salmon and whitefish. It is free from corn, soy, and wheat ingredients. This dog food also contains omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, and chondroitin, which help support healthy skin and coat, a strong immune system, and healthy joints. Additionally, it includes field-grown vegetables that provide fiber and essential vitamins and minerals for a balanced diet.


#11 – Tender & True Ocean Whitefish & Potato Recipe Dog Food, 4 lb

Tender & True Ocean Whitefish & Potato Recipe Dog Food is a grain-free dog food that features wild-caught whitefish as the main ingredient. It is a limited-ingredient formula that does not contain poultry, making it suitable for dogs with dietary sensitivities. With a 4 lb package, it offers pet owners a convenient option for providing their furry companions with a nutritious and flavorful meal.


What Should I Look for When Choosing a Quality Whitefish Dog Food?

When choosing a quality whitefish dog food, there are several key considerations to ensure you’re providing the best nutrition for your dog:

  1. Primary Ingredient: Ensure that whitefish or whitefish meal is the primary ingredient. It should be listed first on the ingredient list, indicating it’s the most abundant component.
  2. Whole Foods: A quality dog food will incorporate whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, and grains (if not grain-free). These ingredients provide essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers.
  3. No Fillers or By-Products: Avoid dog foods that contain non-nutritive fillers like corn gluten meal, wheat, and soy. Similarly, steer clear of animal by-products, which are less digestible and nutritious than whole meats.
  4. Natural Preservatives: Opt for dog foods that use natural preservatives, like mixed tocopherols (a form of vitamin E) instead of artificial preservatives like BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin.
  5. Transparency: The manufacturer should be transparent about where the whitefish is sourced. Sustainable and responsibly sourced fish are preferable for environmental and health reasons.
  6. No Artificial Additives: High-quality dog foods won’t contain artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives, which can be harmful or unnecessary for your dog’s health.
  7. Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids: Whitefish is naturally rich in these essential fatty acids. Ensure the dog food contains a good balance of these for skin and coat health, as well as overall inflammation control.
  8. Specific Needs: Consider any specific needs of your dog, such as life stage (puppy, adult, senior), activity level, or any existing health conditions. Some brands offer formulations tailored to these unique requirements.
  9. Positive Reviews and Recommendations: Look for products that are highly recommended by veterinarians, pet nutritionists, and other dog owners.
  10. AAFCO Approval: Ensure the dog food meets or exceeds the nutritional standards set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).


What Are The Benefits of Whitefish Formula Dog Foods?

  1. High-Quality Protein: Whitefish provides a lean source of high-quality protein, essential for muscle development and repair, and overall growth. It’s particularly beneficial for dogs that might be sensitive to more commonly used protein sources, such as beef or chicken.
  2. Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Whitefish is a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, especially eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These fatty acids support skin and coat health, help reduce inflammation, and can aid in joint health.
  3. Easily Digestible: Whitefish is generally easily digestible, making it a good choice for dogs with sensitive stomachs or those prone to digestive upsets.
  4. Low in Fat: Compared to many other protein sources, whitefish tend to be lower in fat. This can be beneficial for dogs needing a lower-fat diet or those prone to pancreatitis.
  5. Allergy-Friendly: Some dogs can develop allergies or intolerances to certain protein sources like beef, chicken, or lamb. Whitefish often serves as a novel protein for many dogs, reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions or food sensitivities.
  6. Rich in Essential Minerals and Vitamins: Whitefish contains essential minerals like phosphorus and selenium and is a good source of certain B vitamins, notably B12. These nutrients are vital for energy production, bone health, and several other bodily functions.
  7. Taste: Many dogs find the flavor of fish-based foods appealing, making it a good choice for picky eaters.
  8. Sustainable Option: Depending on sourcing, whitefish can be a more sustainable option compared to overfished or ecologically impactful species, offering an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious pet owners.
  9. Supports Cognitive Function: The DHA found in whitefish can support cognitive function, making it beneficial for puppies during their growth phase and older dogs to help maintain cognitive health.
  10. Heart Health: The Omega-3 fatty acids in white can support heart health by reducing inflammation and potentially helping to maintain healthy blood pressure.


Frequently Asked Questions About Whitefish Dog Foods

1. What is whitefish dog food?
Whitefish dog food is formulated using whitefish as the primary protein source. Whitefish generally refers to several species of demersal fish with fins, like cod, haddock, and pollock, which are known for their mild flavor and light, white flesh.

2. Why should I consider whitefish as the main protein for my dog?
Whitefish is a high-quality, lean protein source that’s easily digestible. It’s especially beneficial for dogs with food sensitivities, allergies, or digestive issues, as it’s often considered a novel protein for many dogs.

3. Does whitefish dog food contain essential Omega-3 fatty acids?
Yes, whitefish is a natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids, notably EPA and DHA, which can support skin and coat health, reduce inflammation, and aid in joint health.

4. Is whitefish dog food suitable for dogs with allergies?
Whitefish is often beneficial for dogs with certain protein allergies or intolerances, as it serves as a novel protein for many. However, always consult with a veterinarian if you suspect your dog has a food allergy.

5. How does whitefish compare to other fish like salmon in dog food?
Both whitefish and salmon are excellent protein sources rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. However, whitefish is typically leaner than salmon, which might be higher in fat. The choice between them often comes down to dietary needs, flavor preference, and potential allergens.

6. Are there any concerns about mercury levels in whitefish dog foods?
Most whitefish species used in dog foods, like cod or pollock, have lower mercury levels compared to larger predatory fish. However, always choose a reputable brand that tests for contaminants to ensure the safety of the food.

7. Can whitefish dog food support my senior dog’s health?
Yes, the Omega-3 fatty acids in whitefish can support joint health, reduce inflammation, and maintain cognitive function, making it a great option for senior dogs.

8. How do I transition my dog to a whitefish-based diet?
Introduce whitefish dog food gradually, mixing it with your dog’s current food, and increasing the amount over 7-10 days. This slow transition helps avoid digestive upsets.

9. Does whitefish dog food have a strong odor?
While whitefish dog food might have a slightly fishy smell, it shouldn’t be overpowering. If the food has an unusually strong or off-putting odor, it might be spoiled or of poor quality.

10. How can I ensure the whitefish in the dog food is sustainably sourced?
Look for brands that have certifications or partnerships indicating sustainable fishing practices. This ensures that the fish is sourced in an environmentally conscious manner, helping protect marine ecosystems.


Conclusion: Best Whitefish Dog Foods

Whitefish dog food provides not only a tantalizing taste experience for our pets but also delivers a punch of vital nutrients essential for their overall well-being. As we’ve explored throughout this article, there’s an array of commendable whitefish dog food options out there, each tailored to meet specific dietary needs. When making your choice, always prioritize your dog’s health and consult with your veterinarian if uncertain. After all, every meal is a step towards ensuring a happier, healthier life for our furry friends.

iHeartDogs is reader-supported. Some of the links below may be paid affiliate links, where we receive a small commission on a product at no additional cost to you. 

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