Blind Pug And Seeing-Eye Chihuahua Navigating Life Together

Sometimes the best help comes in small packages. Such is the case with one elderly pug and his seeing-eye dog. 12-year-old Augie is navigating life with his best friend, Pepe, leading the way. The adorable duo was surrendered to the Colorado Pug Rescue after their owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness. They have only ever known one home and the love shared with one another.  Augie has been blind most of his life and Pepe has had no problem stepping in to help. In fact, Augie and Pepe’s foster mom calls Pepe Auggie’s seeing-eye Chihuahua!


“It was kind of like a package deal. When Augie came, (Pepe) came with him. They’ve been taken from the only home they knew and they’re thrown into another home,” rescue volunteer Cyndi Trimber told Fox31 Denver. “They really had to depend on each other to get through it.”

Augie Is A Fighter But He Couldn’t Do It Without His BFF

The bonded pair have been at the rescue since August of 2019. Once they were there, the vet found a heart murmur on Augie. Then, he came down with pneumonia. Augie also had to undergo extensive dental treatment and eye surgery. He had 14 teeth removed but, of course, he still has an appetite for love and affection. Sweet Augie had his eyes removed in order to prevent the risk of rupture and pain. Don’t worry, it doesn’t slow Augie down at all! Since he has been blind for most of his life, Augie has learned to adapt and overcome. Plus, he always has Pepe by his side to help him.


“They sleep together, they eat together. It’s really sweet they depend on each other like that,” said Trimber.

Together Forever Through Thick And Thin

It has been a long journey for these two pals. But, as the song says, you get by with a little help from a friend. They’ve made it through, and now they’re ready to find their forever home. Of course, they’re a package deal! In the meantime, Augie’s medical expenses have set the rescue back. The surgeries cost a total of $3,100! It was totally worth it, but the rescue is hoping for some help recuperating the cost so that they can continue to help other pups. You can donate to Augie’s care here.

Augie and Pepe are remaining in the care of the Colorado Pug Rescue while they continue to assess whether or not Augie is healthy enough to be adopted. One thing is for certain: This pair of bonded brothers will remain together no matter what.


h/t: Fox31 Denver
Featured Photo: @ColoPugRescue/Facebook

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